Burden or Blessing?

I speak unto you this day and I would ask you: Will you be a burden or a blessing in this life? There are multitudes in these times who have proven to be nothing more than burdens because they have chosen the way of fools rather than the way of the wise. They assume themselves to be wise but they are not, for they are fools who are enjoying their folly and can easily be destroyed in the same.

It has never been My intention that men, women, and children would be destroyed. It is My intention that they would be uplifted, directed and guided forth by a plain path and given My glorious light on the path through this dark and sinful world. Simply because sin is in great abundance does not mean that My people must submit to or partake of the same.

By and with the inheritance that has been gained through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, My people are given the great opportunity to go forth in the name that is above every name and to realize that through Jesus Christ they have inherited the power to heal, deliver, and walk in dominion over demon powers. My people are meant to be a prevailing, overcoming people; they are not meant to be subject to the powers of darkness.

As those who are claiming to be Mine will exercise the power that is theirs through Me, they are enabled to see that yes, My way is the higher way, and My people are intended to come forth each day in the same. Do not go around carrying false burdens and by the same becoming a burden. You are not meant to carry the burden of demons who have attached themselves to you as leeches. You are meant to be uplifted and coming forth ever uplifted and rejoicing in the power that I provide for the ones who are true.

When you see the shape of people in this hour, so many of them are a burden because they are allowing the parasite demons to bring them down and cause them to lose their grip on life. As this happens, those who are under the parasite power of demons become a burden themselves because of the parasites that are eating them alive and consuming them completely.

Know of a surety that I do not call you to such a place of desolation and despair, ending in desperation and depression. I call you to be uplifted, rejoicing, and giving praise. When you consider how very ugly things are, do not let yourselves be lured into the world of darkness ruled by demons.

Rather, rise up and resist the attempts of demons to overwhelm and devour you, and be glad that My Spirit is ever present to uplift and guide you forth by a plain path and give you the life, the light, and the love you have need of to be overcoming and going forth in renewed strength and vigor. Be glad that you can be refreshed and renewed, knowing that to be in the company of the redeemed is a great privilege.

Consider the vast number of souls who are perishing daily and have nowhere to go because they are far from the truth and are listening to demon spirits rather than My Spirit. I do not want you to be at any time listening to the ranting, the raging, the enticing, the seducing of demons. Always remember that they are sent to destroy and devastate you completely. Therefore, remember that no matter how softly and sweetly they may come to you, their motive is simply to kill, steal and destroy.

Be thankful that you are not called to be subject to demons, as they want you dead. You are called to be subject to the Holy Spirit, who will lead and guide you in the way of all truth. Realize that you do not come into all truth at once, because the truth is being given to you to keep you upright in My way, which is the way of eternal life.

It is a tragedy to behold the vast multitudes who are bound in their trespasses and sins and are by the same being overwhelmed and overtaken. It is absolutely not My intention, yet over and over, people blatantly reject My call to them to repent and come into the way that I intend. Be thankful even this day that I intend for you to know the promises that are given to the faithful, the steady, that they can be uplifted, brought forth, and guided in My way, and given the strength that I provide.

When you are seeing the ones who are enveloped in the distress of their own minds, it is because it is not Me that they love. Instead, they are loving to be deceived, to be entertained by demons and caught up in the snares that are waiting for them. If you will take the time to literally see what is happening to far too many people in these times, you will see that it is ugly, shameful and painful. There are deadly consequences to sin, and the fools follow the same and believe that they are given My purpose. Actually, they are not given My purpose; they are given the darkness they are choosing by the sins they are involved in.

The fact is, and will never change, that the wages of sin are death, and those who are involving themselves continually in sin are doing the very things that will cause them to be overwhelmed and brought to death, both naturally and spiritually. There are many people who are choosing death rather than life because their deeds are evil and they want their own way in all things.

What makes people imagine that they are gaining some great way because they are sinning? Deception by demons, and they are allowing such parasites to remain and take them down deeper and deeper in the way of destruction and death. Be thankful to follow, and be a blessing, not a burden.