Repent, Recycle, and Restore

I speak unto you this day and I say that I the Living God do appreciate and love to see people recycled from the waste they have become through sin, as they are being restored unto Me. It is My desire and to My liking that My people would come into the knowledge of who My Son Jesus is, and likewise repent and accept Him as their Savior and Lord. It is a joy to Me when people are restored to My house and enabled to give Me thanks and praise because they are born again of incorruptible seed.

I do not find joy in the uncounted waste of human lives that is so evident in these times when the devil and his demons are covering millions with lies, deception, and the intention of destruction. I tell you that I am the Creator and I desire to see people recycled out of the wasted lifestyles that they are in because of sin.

Think how ugly sin really is and how many lives are wasted in the deceptions and lusts found in sinful living. I do not want people to be found ready to die and not right with Me because they are still deceived by the delusion and confusion sin brings to their lives.

It is indeed an acute waste of human lives when people are led down the broad way and imagine that somehow they will find what they are looking for. The truth is they will find themselves defiled, debauched and debased, and ending in depression, despair and damnation. Know that I do not have intention for humankind to go in such a pathway of utter and complete destruction and devastation.

The intention that I have for people is that they would come forth knowing that it is Me that they can serve with gladness, rejoicing, and the giving of thanks and praise. When the ones who are bound in sin cry out in their hearts for mercy, then My Spirit convicts them of their sins, and they become ripe for redemption. In such a condition, they are more pliable than when they were hard and vile in the corruption of sin.

Then, by divine arrangement, they are introduced to the truth of salvation through Jesus and given the opportunity to be redeemed, recycled, and restored to right standing with Me. Those who will confess their sins and turn from the same are well pleasing unto Me because they can and do achieve what I want them to gain, and that is the new life that is found in Jesus.

I am greatly saddened when I see the sinners who are lost and locked into their trespasses and sins, yet they are rejecting the way out of their prison houses and choosing to remain incarcerated in sin’s cells of slavery. Believe Me, I would prefer to see them come to the end of their own understanding and come into the light, the life, and the love that I have for them.

This is the time to revolt against the sinfulness that is destroying so many souls. By and through revolting against sin, souls will be recycled and restored to Me. Do not be as the dull, the dumb, the stupid who have chosen to go after the vanity and the foolery of the world and are dying in the waste heaps of sin.

There are some who literally make their homes in the garbage dumps of the world. Others may go by and shake their heads in dismay at the same, yet they are on sin’s highway to hell likewise. While you see some who may appear to be in better shape on the outside, if they are committing sins that damn, they are just as condemned as the ones who are in the miseries of poverty and destitution.

Those who are continuing in sinful living are basically dying, because they are dead in trespasses and sins and headed to damnation. Be calling forth for men, women and children to revolt against the agenda of damnation and to come forth in the hope of salvation and be loosed from the chains of death.

When any is truly listening and obeying the commands of My Spirit, they will understand that I do not desire to see souls damned and in hell forever. I want to see souls redeemed, recycled and restored. Keep this in mind and at every opportunity you get, reach out and give a hand up to those who are perishing in sins. No matter their exterior demeanor, the lost are all dying and will perish in sin. Therefore, make every effort to declare the truth to them before they die and are sealed in damnation.

If you see many who refuse and want to accuse Me for their miseries, know that they are the ones who are choosing their state of existence. Do not believe the ones who are chronic complainers, because they are not wanting to be recycled; they are preferring to remain in the garbage dumps and lay in the filth of sin.

Be thankful that you have been redeemed, recycled and restored to Me as your heavenly Father, and that you are privileged to be My people and that I am your God. Serve Me in the attitude of gratitude because you are enabled to come forth in the power and authority of Jesus and know redemption from sin and be brought forth in the recycling process as you are restored to Me.

When you look at the vast multitude of souls sinning, do not think you must join with their folly. Rather, revolt against the devil and his demon forces of confusion, delusion and darkness, and come forth uplifted and giving Me thanks and praise each day. Rely upon Me as the author and the finisher, the beginning and the end, and partake of My joy. Do not let depression have a part of you, for the same is nothing but demons sent to deceive and destroy you. Be glad to be redeemed, recycled and restored to life.