Angels Under Orders

I speak unto you this day and I say that I the Living God do give orders to the angels, and they are sent to keep and protect My people from the spirits of wickedness. The enemy forces are ever attempting to afflict, to assault and to attack My people. However, I send out My angelic host and they are under divine command to keep the hand of protection over My people. I do not desire that My people be consumed of the wicked forces. Rather, I want them to be protected by My angels, who are under orders.

There is in the spirit dimension a continual war that is transpiring as the forces of evil are constantly attempting to cause My people to succumb to their tactics of seduction, enticement and exhaustion. It is not intended for My people to be defeated and overwhelmed by the forces that want to take them down into the abyss of desolation and depression that are stalking millions of people daily.

Be thankful for the angels under orders to keep guard over you because the forces of evil that are released in these times are strong and full of intent towards My people in particular. While the devil and his demons are set to kill, steal and destroy, they have especially targeted My people in these times because they are attempting to bring all into demonic subjectivity to their attacks. As you well know, the enemy forces are using many who are literally insane and have no understanding of who and what they are.

Because of the confusion and delusion that are in operation in these times, multitudes are wandering about in a daze, not understanding that they are under attack from the devil, who wants them dead. Reality is plain that there is a tremendous battle being waged in the spiritual dimensions, and armies of demons are swarming about like angry mosquitoes wanting to sting with deadly insertion and intent.

Due to spiritual ignorance, many people calling themselves Christians are allowing the demons to command them around and cause them many troubles, because they refuse to accept the fact that they have those demons living inside of them. Because of pride, many so-called followers of Jesus are not following Him at all. Instead, they are wanting things to be completely their way, and because of that, they are not registering with the fact that they are siding with the demonic input rather than the truth.

My Spirit does not lead people into confusion and delusion. Rather, My Spirit leads people forth in the clarity of truth that I do intend. Those who are following My Spirit are being guided forth by a plain path and kept in the way of clarity and sanity. My people are not intended to be caught up in the confusion and the delusion that is attacking multitudes and leaving them in depression and despair. Be thankful that you are not ignorant concerning the warfare at hand.

Likewise, be ever thankful that My angels are under orders not only to protect and keep you, but they are under orders to assist you in the warfare against demon spirits that need to be cast out. Sad to say, because of spiritual ignorance, wrong teaching, and pride, many Christians suffer under attacks they do not need to have, yet they refuse to be delivered of demons.

If My Son repeatedly cast out demons, then why do believers think that they are unable to have demon spirits in them and influencing their outlook and behavior? They are in such shape because they want to believe themselves to be perfect and free. However, the reality of their lives shows that they are under the continual bombardment of demonic powers, and by the same are being overwhelmed and overtaken.

As they are under harassment, bombardment and vicious attack, they are convinced they are suffering for My kingdom. Sad to say, they are suffering because they are refusing the truth of deliverance and are stubbornly set against it. When I have the provision for My people and they refuse that provision, they are the ones who will suffer acutely for their stubbornness and allegiance with demons.

Do not carry burdens that are of the devil and that he attempts to destroy you with. Rather, refute, rebuke and refuse such spirits as want you dead by whatever means, and cast such spirits out by the power that is found in the Name of Jesus, who has all authority over evil spirits. Face up to the fact that you have the power to prevail if you will use the weaponry that is your inheritance in Christ. As united believers, you are to help one another and to encourage one another to be set free, not bound in chains by demon forces.

Therefore, do not be as the ones who are whining about all the devil and demons have been doing to them, yet refusing to cast out those forces. It is a grief to Me when My people will listen to demons and repeat their message, and refuse to listen to My Spirit and repeat the message of deliverance.

Those who are full of demons oftentimes are so foolishly blinded by the devil and somehow they love it so. This is because they are basking in the attention they get for all of their problems. Actually, they don’t really want help; they want to be the center of attention for their continual problems, and because of that, they are enemies of My purposes. Such ones as these are miserable, yet they are loving their miseries and abhor My provision that is offered to them.

Thank Me that you are not so deceived and that My angels are ever present with you and that you can be delivered and remain free.