Belief Brings Relief

I speak unto you this day and I say of a surety that belief in My Son Jesus brings relief from the burden of sin. When anyone truly believes upon Jesus as Savior and Lord, they are forgiven of their sins and freed of the penalty of the sins that they have committed in their lives.

It is intended that people would hear the message of repentance unto Jesus and have their sins forgiven as they are relieved of the burden of their own sinfulness. I do not desire that men, women and children would continue in sin and be taken down by the same, only to end their lives in hell. My desire and intention for men, women and children is that they would repent and be spared from eternity in hell because of sins not repented of.

When anyone repents, then they are showing forth a change in heart. However, not all who repent go forth in changed lifestyle. Some people do not have or experience a deep and enduring conversion. They are as the seeds who fall on shallow ground; they are easily plucked up and bear no fruit at all. Others end up on better ground and are able to be grounded and take root in the message of My eternal kingdom.

All who will repent to My Son and maintain the repentant lifestyle will find that they are greatly transformed. This transformation comes about because they are yielding themselves to the truth and wanting truth more than lies. Because such ones have yielded themselves to the call of My Spirit and have repented unto Jesus, they are given the opportunity of knowing the relief that comes through belief.

Be thankful each day that you were given the opportunity to repent and to come into the salvation mercies that were awaiting you through Jesus Christ. As you entered into the New Covenant belief system, you were not saved from the penalty of your sins by your capability or abilities. You were saved by the tender mercies that I provided for you, and by the same you were uplifted and given the newness of life found through Jesus.

If you truly consider the consequences of unbelief, they are bitter and ugly, and those who prefer to freeze in unbelief will suffer the consequences of the same. I do not want you to suffer consequences; I want you to continue to move with My Spirit and follow the directives and commands of the same.

Why do some wax bold in sin? It is because they have come under the covering of rebellion and are driven by the same. I did not create humans to rebel against Me and go their own way. I created men, women and children to walk in obedience with My Spirit and to be blessed in the same.

Be thankful that you do not need to be possessed by rebellion and become the captive slave to such a destructive and evil force. Many turn to rebellion because they think they will find their own solution to their misery and torment. The truth is they do not find any solution at all by their self-assertive independence from Me, My Son and My Spirit.

Those who are choosing in opposition to My Spirit are choosing for the course of their own destruction and impending damnation. There is no solution in rebellion; there is only pollution by the input of demon forces. Be glad even this day that you are not intended to live and abide in sin; you are intended to win by belief in My kingdom message.

Be glad, not sad, in your lifetime here on earth, as you are intended to be kept in the many mercies that are given daily to you. Remember you did not by your own efforts earn or even deserve forgiveness; it was our free gift given to you. Therefore, with this in remembrance, do not settle down to belief in your own selves, for the same is delusion.

So many in these times are busy blowing their own horns as though they are some great and wondrous thing. They are not. Even if they imagine themselves to be invincible, they will be shown that they are believing in lies, and by the same will be taken down and consequently cursed. Those who are living in lies are actually on death row spiritually speaking, because they are choosing the very things that will destroy them and curse their generations.

Please do not under any guise be so foolish as to destroy yourselves and curse your own generations. Those who have offspring are obligated to bear witness to them of the useful lives that are available through transformation involvement in the life of repentance and restoration to right standing with Me as the Living God.

It is indeed a good thing to believe upon Jesus as your Savior and Lord and to obey in all honesty the commands that are given to you through My Spirit. There are some who start out in the way of redemption with all good intentions of continuing. However, they allow the old beckoning of sin to come to them, and they are seduced by the same.

As united believers, stand strong against sin and refuse the demon enchantments and seductions that try to gain you back into death. Be thankful that you can help one another and undergird each other in the truth and the life that you have been provided. Do not be as the shortsighted who turn to their own foolery and vanity, and by the same are a bundle of vexation, tribulation, and end in damnation.

Be thankful to Me that I am your God, your Master, and your Maker. It is indeed a good thing to be kept, to be guided, and to be provided for by obedience to the commands of My Holy Spirit. As you are in belief, you will be enabled to find the relief that comes only through forgiveness of sin.