Friend of God or Friend of the World?

I speak unto you this day and I ask you: Who do you consider your friends to be? Are your only friends those who are of the world and whose hearts are far from Me? Do you prefer the fellowship of the worldly above the fellowship with the righteous?

If you are finding yourself longing in your hearts for the broad way, is it because you have taken up friendship with the world and the world’s people and are finding them to be more exciting than to be in communication with My people? Truly, if you are doing such, you have lost your zeal and first love for Me, and through your worldly companions, you have chosen to go in a way that I did not intend or ordain for you. I do not want you to be in fellowship with the world’s people, for their conversation is not clean, nor are their actions upright.

I do not intend for My people to go afar off from Me and be found in tainted and filthy communication with those of the world. Do not hunger for the gossip of the world’s people, for the same will fill your inward souls with all manner of uncleanness and perversity that is corrupt before Me.

There is no way that I find pleasure in the ones who are pursuing the way of fools, because they have gotten eyes full of adultery and gone a whoring after the wickedness of this present world and the abominations of the world. Do consider that I do not want you to be in the world and to partake of the poison substances and spirits that are everywhere in the world.

Those who seek for companionship and pleasure in the world have chosen, by accepting the seeds of deceit and sin, the way of transgressors, and that way is hard. Not only is the way of transgressors hard; it is also full of disappointment, sorrow and pain. When people have known My way then they turn from listening to My Holy Spirit and take up the way of demon spirits, of course they will be enticed and seduced into sin.

The end of sin is death and damnation of soul. How foolish it is to accept the suggestions of the wicked spirits rather than listening continually to the instruction and direction of My Holy Spirit. Truthfully, there are countless multitudes who ended in hell and are still there because they thought they could play with sin and not get caught. Because they took such diversion from My way in their friendship with the world, they became My enemies and were no longer covered by Me.

When you see the growing numbers of hopeless, homeless and oftentimes senseless wanderers who plague the nation, why is it so? It is because these ones have willfully and repeatedly chosen to go after the lusts of the flesh rather than the sweet way that My Spirit leads the wise. In their spiritual promiscuity, they will find themselves locked in the broad way and hopelessly cursed in the same. They find no satisfaction, and end up giving up to the demon forces that want them to join the vast army of crazy and godless wanderers.

Likewise, the devil is ever recruiting for the army of damned souls who operate fully under the covering of the world and are headstrong to do wrong and end up confused and sadly mistaken in their evil choices and actions. It is so dumb when the ones who have known the salvation mercies given through My Son Jesus choose to go for the world and the inevitable way of damnation, and in the same be bound.

Realize that as My people, you are not to seek out worldly people to be your companions and friends. When you make friends with the vast multitudes who are hell bound, realize that you are choosing to be in the company of the damned, and have become enemies of the purposes and plans that I have for you.

I beseech you this day, do not walk afar off from Me and end up devastated by the same. Do not allow the enemy forces to call you to the way of transgression and spiritual adultery and end up dead in trespasses and sins. To become a member of the walking-dead zombie stalkers is nothing more than foolery brought on by a lust for vanity.

Be thankful this day that you do not have to go in the stupidity of the dull and the dumb and be a fool for the devil’s desire. I do not want you to be caught, ensnared and entangled in the utter wretchedness that so many are found bound in during these turbulent and treacherous times of transgression.

When you realize that I am your heavenly Father and that I want you to come forth as true and faithful united believers who will keep on standing for Me, then you will know that I reign supreme. There will be no question in your minds as to the validity of My standard and the triumph that can be yours as you remain faithful and true to Me as the Keeper of your souls.

When men, women and children prove to be faithful in their commitment to Me as the author and the finisher, then they are not made ashamed. No; instead, they are steadily guided forth and given all that they need to be counted as worthy. The unworthy are the unfaithful who choose to be spiritual harlots who are not faithful nor true to My Son. They speak words of love, yet they make a lie through their lives, which are full of the love of the world.

Do not keep company with the damned, who want the deception of demons. Be wise and choose your companions and friends according to My standard and dictates, and thank Me for the sanity and the safety I give.