Judge Your Own Sins

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be willing to examine your hearts and your actions in the light of My Spirit. That is, do not hide your sins and think that the same are hidden from Me, when I see the sins of all people and none is able to hide their sins from Me. Those who are unwilling to face their sins are the ones who are displeasing and need to amend their ways and make the necessary changes that they need to make in order to be pleasing Me. I find no joy in those who are operating in disobedience and failing to repent, preferring to rebel .

Do not imagine that you can sin repeatedly and that I am pleased to forgive you time and time again, when you listen to demons above My Spirit. Never have I intended for My people to refuse to judge their own sins. It is My intention that My people would see their sins and judge those sins as wrong, then repent and turn away from such things as are sinful in My sight.

It has never been intended by Me that My people would walk in the ungodly and wanton behaviors that many of them assume they can get by with, then wipe their mouths declaring they have done no evil. I want My people to be repentant and keeping their repentance by walking afar off from sin and transgression against Me.

Do not behave as the foolish who act and react in ways that are abomination to Me. You are not called to take on abomination as a way of life; you are called to cherish the salvation you have been given and serve Me with gladness and rejoicing. Remember that it is Me the Living God who desires that you would choose My way above the way of sin and be directed by My Spirit, not listening to demon spirits.

Consider that Adam and Eve were once in the ideal place of relationship with Me. Then, by listening to the devil, they fell from that place and were banished from My presence. Because of their own choices against My instructions to them, they committed transgression, and the same brought them to total ruination and devastation.

I do not want you to be in violation of Me; I want you to come forth uplifted and rejoicing that I am the merciful, who leads you forth by a plain path and directs you in the way that is life eternal as you are allowing yourselves to be led forth by the power of My Spirit. Remember that you have the strength to overcome temptation and sin and do not have to bow to those powers, because Jesus has set you free to worship and follow in His steps.

If you really consider the great price that Jesus has paid for your souls, you will not be hasty to transgress against Me and go back into sin, disrespecting and disregarding His sacrificial life and death. Those who are easily swayed to depart from Me are in My sight foolish and insensitive to the realities of the depths of love that both I and My Son have openly displayed to the world.

Many throughout the centuries have looked at the sacrifice of Jesus and been broken and humbled by the same. As a consequence, their whole lives have been transformed because they believed on Him and chose to serve Him the rest of their lives.

Those who have allowed Jesus to transform them from dying sinners to living epistles are the ones who find true satisfaction in this life. As My followers, choose to allow Jesus to transform your lives and make you totally aware and respectful of Him. There is no reason that anyone is justified to blame Jesus if things don’t go the way that they imagine they should. I absolutely am not mocked, and I want the ones who love Me to follow the leading of My Spirit and disregard the demon spirits that want to destroy them.

As united believers, you are not meant to be ensnared, entangled and entrenched in the ways of the damned who choose the broad way. No, you are meant to come forth in the way of the redeemed, following the commands of My Spirit and finding joy in the same. When you are attentive to Me as your Master and Lord, you will not experience the tragedy of transgression. Instead, you can experience the peace that passes understanding, because it is Me that you are seeking to please.

As My people remain faithful and true, then they are enabled to see and to judge sin in their lives and to walk according to My intention, and by the same maintain lives that reflect My kingdom. You are My ambassadors, and as you are true representatives of My kingdom, so do you understand how much I care for you and want to see you representing Me in spirit and in truth. This is so that others may see My glory upon you and the peace that only I can give you reflected in the midst of turbulence and trouble.

Needless to say, these are troublesome times, and any and all who choose to oppose Me will pay for their foolery and not find true happiness nor joy, because they are dull and dumb in their choices. I am meant to be the high tower of strength and safety, and the righteous can run into Me and be kept. Why not run into Me and know that I am indeed the One who is well able to care for you?

As you become aware that My way is just, the more willing you will be to judge yourselves in the light of My Spirit and My Word and see where you have sinned and repent of the same. I will forgive those who are willing and ready to judge their own sins and turn from the same. Be glad to know that I am your source, your strength, and your safety.