My Vineyard

I speak unto you this day and I say that I the Living God am bringing down those who have done evil in My sight, and that includes those who are My own people. Did not I send desolation time and again to My own people when they violated Me? I say that I am not impressed when My people are walking afar off from Me and intoxicating themselves on the forbidden.

Be aware that I can easily remove the hedge from around My people and leave them to the emptiness and desolation that comes when My protection and care are lifted. I can and I will leave them to be open prey and to be devastated when they have departed from Me.

My standard is high and holy and it remains so. I do not want My people to think that they can do as they please, when they please, and that I am obligated to accept their sins and close My eyes to their iniquities. I do not need to be in obligation to a sinning people because they have gone a whoring from Me and taken up the ways of the world, which are indeed wicked and corrupt. I do not want My people to go in the way that is wicked and corrupt; I want My people to come forth being uplifted and guided in My way, and to be adhering to the standard of My righteousness.

In these times, multitudes have abandoned themselves to drunkenness and drug addiction, and have thought in the same that such habits are acceptable in My sight. They are deceived and foolish, for I do not make exception for My people to sin. If those who have served Me in times past turn aside to sin, they take themselves into the way that will prove to be destruction unto their souls.

Be aware that when people are willfully choosing to sin after they have known Me and My way, they are listening to demon spirits while ignoring My Spirit. My Spirit does not lead people into sin. Rather, My Spirit leads people into righteousness, and all of those who are claiming to be Mine are meant to be in obedience to My commands and coming forth in the same. When you are aware of the goodness that I give, then you are well able to see that My way is the way of life, not death.

The wages of sin are death and will always be such. Do not be under any circumstances yielding to the wicked spirits that would delight in seeing you damned and destroyed by devices of wickedness. As My people, be willing to walk uprightly, and keep clearly focused on Me as the author and the finisher, the beginning and the end. It is a good thing to know that I am the One who does good things for you, and that I will always be available to you to strengthen you in all that is necessary for your growth and development in the way that is intended.

When you see the ones of My vineyard who have chosen for sin and intoxication, know that they have chosen the way that separates them from Me and the mercies that I delight to give My people. As you will cleave to Me, then are you guided forth by a plain path and given the hope that is found in Me.

The ones who are choosing for sin are choosing the way that will end them in hopelessness and despair, and in many instances early or premature death brought on by sin. Be glad even this day that you do not need to be a partaker of the wickedness that is ever present. Thank Me that you can choose repeatedly to serve and obey Me and walk in My way and be uplifted in the same. When you are coming forth in the way that I have for you, then of course you are given My light upon the path and directed in a sin-sick and darkened world.

Do not take for granted the goodness you experience each day in Me. Rather, be thankful for such as you receive and serve each day in the attitude of gratitude, because you are privileged to be redeemed and not damned. It has never been My intention that you would suffer damnation after you have known salvation through My Son Jesus.

In fact, it grieves Me greatly when I see the ones who are choosing to be losing by following after the commands of demon forces. Absolutely do not follow demon commands; follow My commands, for the same will guide you forth and keep you in the goodness I provide to the faithful who are obedient.

Know of a surety that I absolutely find no pleasure in the ones who are disobedient and choosing their own destruction and devastation. When you see the ones who are isolated from Me, know that they are there by their own choices for disobedient and sinful behavior. When people choose for their own destruction, they are stupid, dull and dumb. While they imagine themselves to be wise, they prove how they are easily deceived by yielding to their own lust and inward wickedness.

Do not trust your own carnal mind or your own carnal understanding, for the same are under the old master and are in allegiance with demons. Have no allegiance with demons, but as united believers, be in allegiance with the commands of My Holy Spirit and obey the same.

The more that you obey, so are you kept and guided in the way of My hope, My life, and My love. You will not be as the children who are damned by their choices. You will be the children who are blessed because they are proving themselves to be true to Me as their God, their Maker, and their Heavenly Father. Rejoice this day that I will keep My hedge around you as My vineyard, My people.