Under the Spell of Hell

I speak unto you this day and I say that you are living in times when millions are being devastated and destroyed because they are under the spell of hell. Basically, multitudes have gone after the enchantments and the charms of demons, and by the same have been taken into the webs of deception that are so common in these times.

I do not call you to be under the spell of hell. Therefore, keep a clear heart and mind, and stay faithful to Me as the One True God who reigns supreme. My people are meant to be under the control of My Spirit and to be ever uplifted in the same, coming forth and rejoicing that it is Me that they serve. I do not want you to be bowing down to demons, nor to be motivated by their input.

You are not meant to listen to the beckoning of demonic powers. Rather, you are meant to keep your focus clearly upon Me and rebuke the demon powers that would come at your mind to put you under the spell of hell. Be firm in your stand and commitment unto Me, and keep steadily moving onward in the way that I have ordained for you.

When you are staying steady in Me, then you are enabled to be uplifted and brought forth, and to know that I am the Almighty who reigns supreme. It is a blessed thing to believe upon Me and to partake of that which I intend for you at all times. The more that you remain focused on Me, the more that you will know and understand that I am indeed the One who is ever present and will guide you through all of the traps, the snares, the enchantments and the spells of the enemy forces.

Reality is that you are engaged in a constant warfare, and as you keep moving steadily forward, you will find that I have given you My Spirit to direct you in the warfare against the demonic forces of hell. The devil and his hordes are full of wickedness, and they delight to destroy men, women and children through the element of sin.

Over and over, those forces of wickedness will put out the bait to see who they can ensnare in their traps, as My people learn to rebuke and refute the works and the workers of darkness and not give way to them, for their intentions are completely evil and their devices do not stop.

Thank Me that as you pay heed to My Spirit, the same will guide you forth by a plain path and lead you onward in the way that is My righteousness intended. Do not be as the dumb who have abandoned the mind of My Spirit only to take up the demonic spirits that put them under the spell of hell.

Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves, not giving way to the wicked forces that will take your hearts far from Me. Be alert and alive to maintain your relationship to My Spirit that you are not seduced by those forces that want to suck out your souls and cause you to end in damnation.

Those who imagine that they are always “good people” are not facing the reality of their carnal natures. Instead, they are pretending to be what they are not. By such outward pretension, they are putting on a display that is not true through and through. They are not allowing truth to reign in their inward beings. Instead, they are choosing the delusion that is confusion, and by the same setting themselves up for a fall.

Because of pride, many refuse to face the wickedness that is found in the old nature inherited from Adam and Eve after they fell from mercy and were banished from the garden. Since Adam and Eve chose in delusion, they were sadly made ashamed of their iniquity and inward darkness. They stupidly chose to believe the liar above the truth. Needless to say, the consequence was ugly and painfully sad, as the covering of pride could not keep them hidden from Me in their sinful state.

So it remains, that I see the actions, the motives, and the reactions of all who are giving themselves over to the foolery and the vanity of these times. When any thinks that their sins are hidden from Me, they are believing in lies above the truth, and by the same they are taking themselves out of My presence and into the web of deception.

As My united believers, take the time to pray together, and help each other avoid the enchantments that would seek to seduce your souls. When you are subjecting yourselves to all that I have for you, then are you shown My light upon the path, and you will be enabled to see beyond the smoke screen the enemies try to blind you with. You are not meant to be blinded; you are meant to keep clean and clear in your intentions and your vision, and come forth knowing that My Spirit leads you into all truth.

Be thankful that as you obey the commands of My Spirit, you are ever shown the way of light and truth, and purposed to keep believing in Me and knowing that I am indeed ever present in My abundance of mercy and goodness. My people are not meant to be deceived; they are meant to walk in the truth, and by the same be rejoicing for the clarity of the truth.

The more that you are knowing Me as your Creator, the more you understand that My intentions for you are goodness, like I had for Adam and Eve in the garden. Likewise, you will understand that they lost their way because they believed the lies of the liar and fell prey to the deception that was their downfall.

Be glad even now that you do not need to come under the spell of hell, nor do you need the enchantments and the charms of the wicked. As you are faithfully partaking of the truth, your hearts will be uplifted and your lives reflecting the goodness of My kingdom way.