Commanded to Love

I speak unto you this day and I say that you are commanded to love one another by My Son Jesus, and that commandment stands true and valid even until now. I do not want you to be in a state of confusion and distress; I want you to continue steadfastly believing in Me as the One you are meant to obey and serve each day.

Do not hinder My purpose and plan by setting it up in your hearts that you hate your brothers and sisters in Me and find them repulsive. When you take on such a mindset, you are taking on darkness and playing into the devil’s hands. You are not commanded to hate your brothers and sisters; you are commanded to love one another, and by the same to fulfill the commandment that Jesus gave to His disciples.

The more you come into understanding of your relationship with other parts of the Body of Christ, the more you will realize that I do intend My united believers to be encouraging one another in these times of hatred, unrest and violence. Truly, the more that you allow My Holy Spirit to exercise you in love for others above yourselves, the more that you will desire to fulfill Me in and through the same. It is a privilege to be found abiding in Me, and by that abiding knowing the higher love way that I intend.

My Son Jesus Christ did not advocate yielding to hatred for the ones who put Him to death. In fact, He prayed that I would forgive them, for they did not know what they were doing. In reality, they were doing exactly what they were motivated to do by the demonic powers that controlled them. He did not push the agenda of hatred and more violence; He prayed for Me to forgive them because they didn’t know fully what they were doing.

Consider that it has been My intention that men, women and children would walk in the love that makes them truly members of My kingdom. Jesus also declared that His disciples would keep His commandments and thereby display their love for Him. This means essentially that His disciples would love Him and they would love one another.

However, the command to love did not stop there, for He also displayed the love that I have for the lost and dying, in sending My only begotten Son down to earth to complete the mission that I had for Him. Jesus did exactly as I had intended, and obeyed Me in every point. He could have easily turned aside and refused to display the love towards others that I wanted Him to display. He did not turn from His mission; He fulfilled the same with gladness and rejoicing, not turning to His own devices but completing His course in love, and obeying every command given to Him through the Holy Spirit during His earthly journey.

Because He did what I wanted of Him, He gained all that was intended in defeating the power of death over humanity. He took full dominion over death, hell and the grave. He also, by coming to earth as a man, proved that all who so desired to walk in obedience could do so by following the commandment to love and completing the course that He left as a pattern.

When you hear people who declare that they cannot love, why is it so? It is because they are not in obedience and are wanting to hold onto anger, hatred, jealousy, envy, division and strife. All of these emotions are of the old carnal nature and came to be because of the curses that came upon humanity as the consequence of the sins of Adam and Eve. When anyone is born again of incorruptible seed, they are given the power to overcome sin and to walk in the way that I ordain, the way that is purity and uprightness.

In order to accomplish victory over the world, the flesh and the devil, those who are united believers will have to move in obedience and allegiance to the commandments that were given by Jesus. There is no way that believers can follow their carnal minds and expect to gain the higher way and walk in the higher love that they are meant to achieve.

Be thankful this day that you are not obligated to go after the vanity and the vexation of this present world and to be swept up in the agenda of wickedness that is ever present. As you are single in your vision, you are enabled to believe, to obey, and to pursue the course that I have put before you, and to know that by the same you are given the opportunity to be uplifted in the power of love.

This does not mean, as some have been deceived to believe, that you are to love the devil and his demons and to welcome them into the fold. No, this means that you are loving the Lord Jesus enough to rebuke and refute the sins and the demons that are motivating people to commit those sins.

Be aware of how important it is that you choose to follow in the steps of Jesus, because He is the pattern, and the Holy Spirit guides you in the same. In a time when hatred is rampant and violence and murder are commonplace, and in some places accepted and approved, be thankful that you do not have to be destroyed by such motivating forces of evil. Rather, you can serve each day in the attitude of gratitude because through Me you are given My light on your path and shown the mercies that are prepared for you.

Those who are true disciples as united believers will show forth by their love that they are following and in allegiance with their Master, Jesus, who is both Lord and Christ. Rejoice that His way is the way of My kingdom and you can know that kingdom here on earth by believing in, obeying and choosing to be commanded to love.