United or Divided

I speak unto you this day and I say that you are living in a time when the nation that you are living in is divided. So, as I gave you warning many years ago, the nation is split and people are in a state of mind of opposition to each other. In this place of opposition to each other, some are being led about and directed by spirits of division that are causing them many sorrows.

It is not My intention that men, women and children would live in such a place of estrangement from each other, and yet they do. This is because none is willing to humble themselves or turn the other cheek when they are offended. I do not desire for you to live in the state of mind of being easily offended; I desire that you would make it your practice to cooperate with other true followers of Jesus as being united believers who keep steadily trusting in Me and are not divided against each other.

I do not want My people to live in the attitude of the nation and be divided against one another. It is not My intention for My people to yield to spirits of division that will kindle feuding, backbiting, devouring and demonic control. My desire is that My people would strive to help and encourage one another and see each other uplifted in the way that I do intend and purpose for them, that they can be brought forth and renewed each day in their minds and hearts.

When My people are striving to be pleasing unto Me, they will know the joy of being My people, for I will give the same unto them. When My people think of others more highly than themselves, then they are not easily overwhelmed and overtaken by the darkness that is ever present and trying to devour them.

Be glad even this day that you are given opportunity to be ever available to Me as the One you love more than any other. As you are seeking to be united unto Me first and foremost, then to be caring for other believers as your brothers and sisters, you will not be divided and trying to destroy others. Instead, you will be drawing of the strength that I give to you. As you’re in My strength, so will you find what I have for you to be doing to be your satisfaction rather than complaint.

I do not find pleasure when My people are busy complaining in their hearts and with their mouths against Me and My intention for them. It is My desire that My people would be giving Me thanks and praise because they are privileged to be redeemed from the penalty of their sins, and are being uplifted and brought forth in the glorious Light that I give.

Be thankful My people that you are not in divided darkness as you see is transpiring in this nation. Because you are in My holy tribal nation, you are shown the way of the unity of community, that is, the united believers who are functioning as One people, not ashamed or afraid to be united in the power that is found in such unity.

It is a known fact that when worldly nations are drastically divided against one another by their factionalism and disputations, they are unable to unite against invasion from outside forces. I do not call them to such places; they take themselves there by refusing to be united and choosing to be divided. Therefore, they are easily conquered and overwhelmed because of their choices against Me.

Do not be caught up in the pettiness that the demon forces want to reduce you to because they want to destroy you by causing division among you. I do not want you to be easily led astray and into a ditch. Keep your vision single unto Me, obey the commands of My Spirit, and you will be enabled to come forth rejoicing because it is Me that you serve and obey.

Be glad even now that you are not meant to be overwhelmed and overtaken. Rather, you are meant to be thankful that it is through My Spirit leading in the way that there is unity with Me and with My people who are in obedience and walking circumspectly before Me.

Remember it is a sweet thing to be loved by Me and to learn to love others as you are abiding in Me. The more that you keep your eyes and your ears open to My directions and instructions, the more you are guided forth by a plain path and given the hope that I impart to My own.

My people are not meant to take up the spirits of hopelessness that are so evident in these times. Rather, they are meant to be glad that it is Me they can look to, believe in and trust each day as their Maker and their Keeper. Do not be weary in well doing; just continue as a steadfast people and remain united believers.

When you are bombarded with negative thoughts against your brother or your sister, remember that you are not called to go there. You are called to rebuke such thoughts, for they are the work of demons bombarding your minds. Instead, pray for the brother or sister that you have had the negative thoughts against, and confess to Me that you have had such thoughts.

Do not allow your minds to build on such thoughts. Keep clear and clean, and pressing onward in the way that I have intended for you. Just continue steadfastly walking as you are believing in Me as the One who cares for you and guides you forth by a plain path.

Be fully aware that as you are cleaving to Me, you will not be made ashamed, nor will you be divided. My Spirit will lead and guide you forth, and you will remain united to those brothers and sisters who are believers in Me, My Son the Word, and My Holy Spirit the guide. Thank Me that you are united to Me and to My people and to My plan for your lives.