Soldiers of the Cross

I speak unto you this day and I say that I have called you to be soldiers of the cross, whereby you are meant to stay true to the cause of Christ and follow in His steps. You are not meant to turn aside but to keep steady at the calling that has been given to you and to obey the same. As you can see, the devil is calling forth into the streets his demon-inspired armies of youth, who are causing havoc over things minor and inconsequential that they have been coerced into believing are justifiable cause for riot and destruction.

People are losing their lives for nothing, and those causing their death are being excused as though they have a cause and are in havoc, chaos and revolt to bring about social change. Quite obviously, they are using the same old tactics of the devil: to kill, steal and destroy. Driven by demons, many youth are committing crimes that they ordinarily would not do. This is because they have been psyched up to believe in a false cause, and they are hyped up to believe they are revolutionaries for just cause.

Sad to say, they are deceived, and if they continue in such deceptions, they will be damned, because they are choosing in opposition to Me and the way that is My way. When you consider the end of their street war, what will they gain from the same as they are doing battle for the devil? What they will gain is their own destruction and death, as well as hell forever. While they assume they are noble in their riotous chaotic behavior, they are fools who have allowed the demon powers to put a ring in their noses, and they are led around by the same.

Be thankful that when you are willing to join in My righteousness revolution, you are fighting against the powers of darkness that are on every hand. As you continue to do battle against the forces of darkness, you will find that My Spirit does uplift you and bring you forth by a plain path and direct your steps in whatsoever way I have intended for you to move in.

The battle you are in is in the spirit dimension, for you do not labor against flesh and blood. Rather, you are laboring against the forces in the spirit that want to see men, women and children destroyed and consequently damned. I do not want My people to cower down and bow to the forces of darkness and destruction that are present in these times. I want My people to realize how short and how empty their lives really are if they choose to live without Me.

It has never been My intention for humankind to live without Me. It is My intention and desire that all would repent and come into the way that is provided for them through Jesus and His legacy of courage, obedience and faithfulness. However, inasmuch as I know that not all will be obedient to the heavenly calling, I am well aware that these can be easily deceived and used for the devil’s plan and purpose.

You are not intended to go in the way of destruction and damnation. You are called and purposed to go in the way that is life eternal because you are in obedience to Me, the One true God who reigns supreme. Be thankful this day that as you are in obedience, you will be enabled to eat the heavenly bread, for the same will be the provision that I give to those who are serving Me each day.

Do not be as the dull, the dumb, the stupid who have gone a whoring from Me and by the same are overtaken by demonic forces. When you see the anger of these riotous ones, know that they are filled with demons, and it is those very spirits that are driving them to violence and bloodshed. Likewise, they are looting, burning, and stealing whatsoever the demons incite them to take advantage of. In the chaos and melee that is evidencing itself in these times, know that the same is the strategy of demonic powers in high places, with the ultimate goal of totalitarian control and a stranglehold against all personal freedoms and choices.

When the devil and his demons motivate people to cast off all reasonableness and go after the stupidity of their own understanding, then such as erupts is chaotic, confusing and destructive. Be thankful that you do not need to be open to invasion by such demons. Rather, you can remain in allegiance with My Spirit and partake daily of the truth that is sober and steady. Remember that you are meant to have your feet upon the Rock that is given to you, not on the shifting sands of social change and unrealistic causes that foster the demonic motivations of the wicked.

Be glad that it is Me that you are serving and not your own understanding. When you realize that your carnal mind is the enemy of My purpose, then you are not overtaken nor overwhelmed by the same. Rather, you are given My clear light to lead and guide you in the way My Spirit is directing you to go. You are not left or led into darkness. Rather, you are given the light that you have need of to go onward in the righteousness revolution.

Be thankful that you are not a blinded subject of the devil and his wicked forces. As you are thankful to be among the redeemed, you understand more and more how wicked the motivations of those in high places really are, and the corruption they instill to bring forth their evil goals.

Take action against the forces of darkness that want to pull down and destroy any element of godliness that remains, then replace it with the immorality and disrespectful discontent that is being displayed in these times. Since you are soldiers of the cross, unite and war against the forces of evil and darkness in the spiritual dimension. Pray against such forces and see them brought down.