Why Envy the Damned?

I speak unto you this day and I would ask you: Why would you ever want to envy the wicked, for they are damned? It is foolish to be envious of the wicked and desire what they have. They cannot take their riches with them, and when they stand before Me, all of their fame and acclaim among mankind will amount to nothing. These ones have chosen the way of fools, for they have chosen to go in the way of wickedness rather than the way of righteousness and truth.

To be desirous or jealous of what the wicked have is foolish, for they are headed to their own damnation, and they will not be able to justify their means and methods of gaining their riches, for they gained the same through means that were not right before Me. It is stupid to give yourselves over to imagining that you need what they have, for what they have is the sentence of their own impending damnation, if they do not repent and turn from their wicked ways. I do not want you to live in wickedness; I want you to live in the peace that I alone do intend for My people.

Those who are giving themselves over to jealousy and envy are never satisfied, and they will experience continual discontentment because they are wanting what I do not intend for them. Oftentimes, the very things that people think they must have are the things that cause them many sorrows. How foolish it is when you see the ones who are pursuing the wind and believing that by the same they are gaining. However, in all of their so-called gain, they do nothing for the hereafter to assure themselves of heaven rather than hell.

Be serving Me each day in the attitude of gratitude, because you are being kept in balance as you serve each day, knowing that you are being led by My Holy Spirit. Consider how many people are led each day by demonic spirits, and by such they are headed to their own destruction. Likewise, those who will follow after lies far outnumber the ones who will follow after truth in these wicked times. There are multitudes who believe that if they achieve earthly riches, they have achieved the ultimate. However, they have not, for what they look to gain is not lasting and can easily be devoured or destroyed.

When My people give themselves over to worshipping the riches of the heathen, they are literally grieving Me and following after demons rather than Me. There are some of My people that I give carnal riches unto. However, when I allow them such riches, they are intended to use those riches for the furtherance of My kingdom. If they prove to be faithful at such, then they are guided forth in the way that I have intended for them, and kept in the way that I have purposed them for.

However, there are others who when given riches, grow drunk on the same and depart from My way. Assuming themselves to be wise, they become absolute fools and go after the achievement of their lusts rather than fulfilling My purpose and plan. So it is, that such ones as these end up destitute in the end because of their failure to prove faithful and true to Me.

Know that I do not want you to be full of the falsity and pretension that they are involved in. I want you to come forth rejoicing for all that I can do and will do for you as long as you remain true to My call and desire for you. Be glad that as you are serving Me each day, you will not be made ashamed, for I do not withhold any good thing from you. Rather, I give to you all that you need to be uplifted and guided forth by a plain path each day.

I give to each one according to My plan for their lives, and when any are trusting in Me, then they receive that which I give, and by the same they are enabled to rejoice and give Me the honor and the praise. Be glad even this day that you do not have to allow jealousy and envy to rule in your lives and overwhelm you. If such spirits of covetous lust attempt to deviate you from My way, rebuke, refute and refuse such spirits, for they are indeed falsity and vanity, and are no part of My purposes for your lives.

I know that the element of envy is very present in this fallen world, and I do not want you to envy sinners and desire their estate in this life, for even if they achieve what they think they want, in the end they will howl in desolation as they face damnation and the agonies of the same. They will be reminded in hell of all the wickedness they pursued in their lives on this earth.

Why do they go after such things? It is because they are blinded by the god of this world and trusting in their own hearts, which are deceitfully wicked. Be thankful that you are not called to pursue the course of your lust. Rather, you are called to walk in the way that is My way, which is eternal and everlasting.

When My Spirit, which is given to you as your guide, shows you where you are off the course, do not resist such guidance. Rather, be thankful that you do not need to envy sinners, nor go in the way of the damned and by the same be ending in hell. The truth is that when you are called and chosen by Me, you are accountable to Me for your actions. Do not allow the lust and ambitions of your flesh to dim your vision and take you down the road to your own destruction.

Be glad even today that through the spiritual guidance provided, you can receive and achieve that which is lasting and takes you forth in the way that is life, not death. Beware of envy and jealousy, for such are destructive. Receive the mercies offered with thanksgiving and gladness.