Much Has Been Given

I speak unto you this day and I say that what you have you need to be thankful for, because it has been given to you by and through Me. Do not take the glory to yourselves for the spiritual gifts, the natural gifts, and the talents that you have. Remember you are My creation and I have made you as it pleases Me.

There are multitudes who because of the delusion of pride take the glory to themselves, assuming that they are something that they are not. Remember this: They are nothing in themselves. It is Me who gives them the talents, abilities, gifts, and even the very breath they breathe. It is abomination when men, women and children swell up on pride and assume that they are so wonderful and so invincible.

It is Me the Living God who is their Creator, and it is Me who is meant to receive the thanks and the glory. Consider the example of My Son Jesus. He did not take the glory to Himself when He was praised for the miracles that He performed by the Holy Spirit’s indwelling. He simply directed people to Me as their divine Father they need to respect and obey.

So it is even now. I do not want anyone to assume that they are greater than they are and become drunk on pride and therefore distort what was given to them by Me. Consider that I am the One who is giving forth exactly what people need in these treacherous hours, and as I do so, I desire that My people would be honoring Me and giving the thanks and praise to Me.

Those who are in the attitude of gratitude towards Me will be uplifted and enabled to receive more because they are not blocking My flow to them by their own pride. These have come to the realization that they are desperately needy of Me and not their own ways. Such ones are precious to Me and likewise useful for the promotion of My kingdom.

Be glad this day that as you are making it your habit and your attitude to be thankful for all that I have given to you, you will not begrudge My Spirit’s commands and instructions to you. Rather, you will realize that it is imperative that you participate fully in cooperation, knowing that you are not intended to stray from Me. It is intended that you are to draw closer and closer to Me, whereby I give more and more to you because you are trustworthy and obedient to the divine calling.

I love to give abundantly to My people, and as they will be diligent to be meeting that which is required of them, they will be coming more and more into a greater understanding and acceptance of the mercies they receive. The faithful will be enabled to partake continually of Me, for I am the fountain of living waters and I pour out abundantly to those who cleave to Me and obey My dictates with gladness.

Do not begrudge what I ask of you. Rather, be thankful that you can serve Me and see that I provide the way that only I can provide. I am the God of great and lasting abundance, and I am pleased to find people who receive in the attitude of gratitude. Do not grow weary in well doing. Just continue steadfast, knowing that I will always make the way for you because I alone am well able.

There are in these times of outward display and flash and trash, multitudes who are not serving Me in the attitude of gratitude, even though they claim to be Mine. Instead, they are living in the deceitfulness of their own understanding and have walled out the searching of My Spirit. Consequently, they misuse and abuse that which I have given to them, and justify the same because they are following the deceptions of their own hearts.

Those who misbehave in such ways are not trustworthy, and they literally will steal the glory and the recognition that they are meant to give unto Me. Why? Because they are intoxicated on pride and see themselves as something that they are not, and have more confidence in themselves than they have in Me.

The tragedy of such fools is that they are seeing themselves through eyes of drunkenness, and in their blurred vision, everything they do is right and great. When you hear them bragging on themselves, do not believe their lies, for they have deceived themselves. But I am not deceived.

I do not want My true ones to even lend their ears to such ones as are full of self-glorification and false magnification as to their own worth. Reality is that apart from Me all people are nothing more than the grass that withers and is blown away, or as the flowers that fade and are remembered no more.

Be aware that in these times of treachery and foolery, multitudes are going in the way of pride and accepting without questioning the fact that they are being deceived. This is because they want to be deceived inasmuch as they believe the lying messengers and are accepting of their falsehoods and fabrications. Basically, it is because their hearts are deceitful and full of wickedness likewise.

As My true united believers, keep strict allegiance to My Spirit and be aligned with the truth rather than lies. Do not fall prey to the lies, the liars, and the demons that motivate such falsehoods. No man can serve two masters, for he will love one and hate the other.

Make it your goal to serve Me with all that you can and to know that I do not withhold any good thing from you when you choose My way above your way and appreciate the mercies, the goodness, and the abundance that I give to you.