Denial of Evil Deeds Leads to Damnation

I speak unto you this day and I say that those who are committing evil deeds and denying the same, end in damnation. There have been, and there are even now, those who when openly shown their sins will deny the same and proclaim their own innocence. However, they are lying to themselves, for I am not deceived, and neither are the ones who bring to them the words of reproof.

Be realizing that many are whorish in their conduct, and when their sins are revealed, they will wipe their mouths and claim that they have “done no evil.” Such ones as these are fools, for they play into the devil’s hand, then claim that they are innocent when they are not. I do not want you to be in company with such ones, for they are invoking misery to themselves by their deeds of evil, and they are bringing harm to others who are easily influenced or simply victims of the beguiling deceivers.

Be considering that when My Holy Spirit searches your hearts, it is to let you see the dark things lingering in the shadows. It is good to be able to face those realities and cast out such demonic powers before they attack you when you are least expecting them. Do not be denying what My Spirit discerns to be in you. Rather, admit to the same and cast off such spirits as want to overwhelm you, and realize that the sooner you rid yourselves of demons, the better off you are.

Do not underestimate the devil’s hatred for you and the conspiracy to destroy your souls as well as devastate any and all work that you are doing for My kingdom. Remember the devil has been a liar from the beginning, and his goal is to bring you to total ruination and cause you to completely be discouraged and depressed. Once the devil and his demons get you in the place of despair, then they offer you the broad way full of deceptions and lies. In such a way there are endless enticements to take you down the road of evil deeds.

Sad to say, there are multitudes who have gone in the way of evil deeds, who are overwhelmed by wickedness and taken in the way of destruction. I have never wanted you to go in the way of destruction; I have wanted you to come forth in the eternal life. Of the ones who have fallen, there are a small percentage who will actually admit to their misconduct and repent and return to Me. The majority will live in denial of their evil deeds, and in the same be taken in the way of damnation.

When I see the ones who had originally received the message of My forgiveness towards them in their sinful state as they believed on Jesus, when I see them refuse to repent, I am greatly grieved, because they have accepted the way of denial, and in the same they are setting themselves up to be absolutely taken in the monstrous corruption and wickedness that is so present in this evil world.

Whenever anyone rejects the message of salvation, they are turning to the condition that will bring them to the end of hope and into the growing army of despair-ridden hopeless wanderers who are so evident in their loss of reality.

Consider that the Holy Spirit is ever pleading with the lost sinners, the ones who have rejected Me and gone a whoring after the world. The Spirit is seeking for such ones to be returned as the prodigals to My House. However, there are many who no matter how far down they are dwelling with the pigs, still refuse to repent and return. These ones are bound by denial, and rebellion is the consequence of the demons of denial that hold them in captivity and bondage.

If you reflect on the history of My people, the element of denial of the truth was very evident back then. I sent My Spirit through My prophets continually crying out against their sins. However, instead of repenting and returning to right standing with Me, they chose instead to attempt to undermine and destroy My messengers.

Oftentimes, My prophets suffered much cruelty at the hands of the wicked rulers who were full of evil deeds themselves and led the people to commit evil. Consequently, the people suffered unnecessarily because of the leaders who lived in denial. They, by such bondage, caused My people to suffer many hardships, including slavery, loss of their children, and even banishment from the Land of Promise.

When any people deny the call to repentance because of their evil deeds and wicked behaviors, be aware that suffering shall be their cup. I do not want My people to suffer unnecessarily; I want My people to be aware of how important it is that they allow themselves to be under the searchlight of My Holy Spirit. As they are yielded to the discernment of the Spirit, they are enabled to be freed from the inward forces that have encamped against them in the effort to destroy them.

More than anything, stay in tune with My Spirit and follow hard after the same, for as you do, you will be kept in the way wherein the truth is welcome and you are willing to admit your own failures and sins. Do not be as those who are living in denial and pretending to be righteous when they are wicked. Do not participate in the fellowship of fools who are mocking Me and disobeying My standard, then acting as though they are fine.

Such as these ones will be the ones who are in time exposed and given the cup of anguish in this life as they undergo the agonies of the damned. Then, if they do not repent, they go to hell while all the time living and dying in denial of sins.