Why Grieve Your Maker?

I speak unto you this day and I would ask you: Why will you choose to grieve Me, the Living God who is your Maker, your Creator? It is not My desire that you would live in opposition to Me, for I am the One who has given you life, and the One who cares for you. If you are facing the reality of opposing Me, it will get you nowhere but into a ditch. Those who oppose Me will live in the sorrow of their choices and end in hell if they do not repent.

I have created people to serve Me and to walk in obedience to Me. When they do, then they are blessed by Me, for I give to them exactly what they have need of every day. It is a joy to Me when My people will walk in the steps of My firstborn Son Jesus, who is the representation of obedience fulfilled. Jesus was indeed the One who is the perfect pattern for those who are serious about serving Me as their Lord and Master.

It is foolishness for My own people to grieve Me and go in the way that is far from Me. When My people go in such a way, they are proving themselves to be stupid, dull and dumb, for they will take up idols and bow to the same. I have never intended for those who are Mine to be so dumb as to turn aside from Me as the fountain of living water and turn to the broken cisterns that cannot hold water and are defiled with the filthiness of the world.

I do not find any pleasure or joy in the ones who are more interested in the world than they are in Me. When those who say they love Me get eyes full of adultery, they will grow calloused in their relationship with Me. That is, they will be found hardening their hearts and stiffening their necks and going in the broad way that is damnation and destruction of their souls.

Any earthly father who loves his children does not want to see them destroyed by wrong choices. How much more does it grieve Me when those who are Mine choose in opposition to My purpose and plan, and take in the devil’s bait and become hooked by his demon forces?

How good it is to know that when you are serving Me in obedience, you will dwell with those who are united believers, in the sense that your fellowship will be whenever possible with the redeemed rather than the damned. Those who are receiving godly instruction and walking in the wisdom of the same will grow in their understanding of how important it is that they keep their vision single unto My Spirit and obey the commands of the Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is given to all who will receive, and is sent to be the guide, the counselor and the instructor of all who desire to be true followers. It is a privilege to be directed by My Spirit and to know that the same does not take anyone far from Me and into lies. Rather, My Spirit is the very guide who takes those who desire to serve Me into all truth. None gains all truth at one time, but truth is given to them as they can partake of the same and be enlightened.

Those who are true believers are not meant to be in union with the children of darkness. They are meant to bear witness to them of My kingdom and to live the example of the better life that is found in and through Me. Be thankful that you do not need to be led into the broad way whereby souls know the agonies of the damned, both in this life and in the life to come. Be glad that I am your resource and I am your strength, and by following Me you will be uplifted and made all the more content and satisfied. I do not want My people to be overwhelmed and overtaken by following lying demons and becoming a grief to Me.

Continue as a steadfast people who are faithful and true to Me, that you can be the recipients of the goodness that I do provide to the united believers who are aligned with My Spirit and in allegiance to Me. The more that you see the absurdity of those who are choosing to go in such ways as to grieve Me, the more that you can cry out against their foolery and advise them against the same.

Be thankful that as My people, you can be found in the way that is godly, the way that is pure, and the way that is undefiled. Be serving each day in the attitude of gratitude, ever glad that you have been redeemed from the penalty of your sins and given the straight and narrow way that is the way of eternal life with Me.

When you are truthful with yourselves, you will see the sorrow you can cause Me and the grief that is brought unnecessarily as you look upon the ones who are choosing in opposition to Me. In observing such ones, you can see for yourselves the necessity of drawing close to Me and observing all that I command you that you are a joy to Me.

I absolutely do not want My people to wander into the ways of the heathen and bow to their gods and thereby grieve Me by their misconduct. The true reality is that those who go a whoring do so to their own destruction and damnation of soul. They bring spiritual death to themselves and their offspring. By their own tragic and shortsighted choices, they curse their generations and set them up to be damned likewise.

Such as these are indeed foolish children, and by their choices they prove themselves to be totally unworthy of My mercies to them. It is a shame to My Name and a disgrace when those who walk afar off from Me do so with no remorse over their sinful and idolatrous behaviors. So it is, that those who turn aside and worship idols become dumb and end in sorrow and grief themselves.