Conversion or Perversion

I speak unto you this day and I declare that the line is being drawn, and I am the One who is motivating people to choose for conversion to My Son Jesus. Others are being motivated by the devil and his demon forces to choose for perversion. Those who are making their choices for conversion to Jesus are doing the right thing, and they will be given the opportunity for eternal life. Those who are choosing for perversion are becoming vessels of dishonor and will find themselves given the reward of damnation in hell, undergoing the agonies of the damned.

These are sin infested times, and multitudes are going to hell because of the way they are choosing to behave. Many have given themselves up to be used by the devil, and their activities are motivated by demons. Because they are full of the wretchedness of their wickedness, they go from bad to worse. They have opened themselves up to be vessels of dishonor, and because of such choices their hearts are far from Me. Driven by demons, they are demonstrating demonic behaviors that are completely immoral and corrupt. So rotten they become, that the very earth is groaning under the weight of the sins that men and women are committing with no shame.

Know that I do not find pleasure in them nor in their actions. Whenever anyone is yielding to the devil and his evil forces, they are doing so because they want the very sins being offered to them. Consider how dumb they are because they want to be used for corruption and filthiness rather than purity and holiness. It is Me who made man and woman to be upright. They are the ones who have sought out many inventions that are weird and wicked.

I am sorely displeased with the ones who are choosing for perversion and making a public show of the same. Many are doing so to gain the attention and recognition the devil promises to them. They have the idea and imagination that they will be “some great thing.” In reality, they will be “some stupid thing” because they are going after the bait and becoming trapped by their own ambitions for fame and fortune.

What they are failing to realize or are merely rebelling against is the very fact that they will spend their afterlives in the agonies of the damned. There will be no deliverance or death to free them of the torment and torture they will undergo as the retribution of their choices for perversion. In their incarceration in hell, the reality of their choices will torture and torment them continually, without relief from the agony they undergo.

It is not by My choosing that they end there; it is by their choosing that they are losing at all times and undergoing anguish day and night. When people are bold in their wickedness and wantonness, they believe that they will never pay for the same. The truth is that they will pay throughout eternity because of their sinful behaviors and choices. Those who choose against conversion to go in the way of perversion will be proven to be exceptionally dumb and dull, because they are following demons to their own devastation and damnation.

Be thankful that you can be led forth in the way that I intend, the way that is life eternal in My kingdom, because you have chosen conversion to My Son Jesus Christ. How much better it is to choose for life rather than death! It is truly a blessing when My people choose and continually walk in the pathway that I provide, the straight and narrow rather than the broad way that leads to damnation.

How many there are who are so dumb as to go in the broad way, thinking they will experience so much more, when all they experience is their own destruction and damnation of soul. It is a sorrow unto Me, for I have provided through My Son Jesus the way of conversion whereby all are given the opportunity to be redeemed. However, I am well aware that some will never choose for life because they would rather have death. I do not intend them for death; they are the ones who are choosing to self-destruct.

Do not at any time envy such fools, for they are not pleasing unto Me. In fact, they are a disgrace to My Name. I do not want My people to be a disgrace; I want them to be full of the joy that comes of serving Me with all of their hearts and souls. Reality is that I am the strength of My people, and when they are enabled to serve Me with gladness, they will not be overwhelmed with the sadness that is the cup of those who are far from Me.

While the godless and those who have deserted Me may put on a false facade that they are so happy, inside of themselves many of them are moaning and groaning over the consequence of the choices they have made. I do not want you to be moaning and groaning; I want you to be in the attitude of gratitude because you have chosen to be following in the steps of My Son Jesus.

Remember He did not turn back from My will and purpose for Him. Rather, He endured whatsoever was in the course that He was predestined to walk in. Because He finished in obedience the course that was set before Him, He opened up the way for men, women and children to be reconciled unto Me. He did not close them off nor refuse to complete the course because of His own suffering. Instead, He endured, because I gave Him the strength He had need of.

Remember you are His disciples, and I will strengthen you because you have received conversion to My Son and are following in His steps, rejoicing to be redeemed and restored to Me.