Unwanted and Not Expected

I speak unto you this day and I say that I the Living God am coming for every person on this earth, but none of them know the time that will be. There are many who have made no preparation for the afterlife, and they will know great sorrow in the same.

Because they have not prepared themselves, there is nothing they can do about what lies ahead of them. Instead of experiencing a good life in heaven, they will be bound in the miseries of hell itself. This is because they are the ones who have chosen the way that will prove to be the agonies of the damned in hell.

So many are complete fools during their journey on this earth. They find absolutely nothing to benefit them in the afterlife, because their hearts are full of evil. As they are following their hearts, they are participating daily in sin and are overwhelmed and overtaken by their continual lusts. They are never satisfied, because they are perpetually looking for that which will prove to be their own destruction.

If they only knew the times I sent My Holy Spirit to them to call them to repentance and salvation through Jesus, they would see how ugly and disgusting their choices against My Son Jesus really have been. Over and over, they threw off the conviction that could have spared them from the agonies of the damned. While they thought they were wise in their own conceits, they were literally magnified fools who wanted nothing but their own way.

Those who are rejecting of My Son and treating Him as unwanted are stupid, dull and dumb, for they are the ones who will stand uncovered and exposed in their sins when their time comes to die. They will not have expected death, yet it will be their cup, and there will be hell awaiting them.

You are living in times when sin is abounding and ever present, and many are caught up in the throes of sin because they chose to oppose My intention and desire for them. While it is true that many in this generation have never heard the gospel message, it is also true that I have put within every man and woman a conscience to know the difference between good and evil. Those who are persisting in doing evil, as you see so blatantly exhibited, are doing so for their own destruction. Consider that when men and women are choosing to self-destruct, they are doing so through the sins to which they are violently addicted and held in captivity by.

It has never been My intention that people would self-destruct. It is by their own demonically inspired choices that they take themselves in a way that is far from Me and will take them into damnation. Over and over, they are called to repentance, and over and over they refuse by rejecting Jesus and choosing the devil and his demons instead. Such fools as these will not be able to blame anyone, for they are the ones who have made their choices.

Whenever I hear the ones who full of self-pity want to play the blame game, I see them as sottish, in the sense that they want to blame someone, or everyone, or Me for their choices, yet they are the ones who make those choices. Know of a surety that men, women and children make choices every single day either for heaven or hell. Those who are choosing for hell are in fact choosing the slavery of sin over the freedom of salvation. While they are wise in their own conceits, eternity will prove just how dumb they really were, for their self-proclaimed wisdom was and is the manifestation of unclean and vile choices for the demonic.

Those who are chronic because of choosing for the demonic are in chronic sin, chronic complaints, and chronic blame. When they are in hell, they will not be able to ever escape the prison houses they made advance purchase for through their corruption and overt sins.

I will not plead with fools forever, and those who are hardened in their sins will receive sin’s rewards. As is well known, the wages of sin are death, and those who want death more than life will not be found among the redeemed. Do not by any means choose for death. Rather, choose for the life that I have for you, and know that in the same you are strengthened and guided forth by a plain path. Do not let the enemy gain the upper hand on you. Remain steadfast in seeking the direction of the Holy Spirit and then obeying the same.

You are never to treat My Son or My Spirit as unwanted, for they can come to you when they are not expected, and if you have not wanted them, you could lose your life by not wanting to hear what is spoken to you as divine guidance and wisdom.

Each day, be serving in the attitude of gratitude because I have given to you the way that is mercy, the way that is goodness, the way that is life. The condition that people are in during these times is through choices that bring them down to the dregs of degradation. You are not meant to live in degradation; you are meant to be uplifted, directed and guided forth in the plain path that is plainly set before you. Be glad, My people, that through Me you can continually come forth rejoicing and giving Me the thanks and praise.

It is a good thing when you believe in My Son, obey My Spirit and love Me. You will not be left as those who are wandering, searching, yet never finding, and choosing sin as their habit and addiction. Thank Me that as you are wanting My Son, expecting My Spirit, and able to love and serve Me, you are being filled with My joy and gladness.