The Shadows of Your Minds

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be aware that there are shadows in your minds, and in those shadows demons are literally hiding and posing themselves to be something that they are not. This they do in order to infiltrate your thoughts and get your minds completely off of those things that are of divine origin and on to those things that are of demonic origin. Never has it been My intention that My people would let their minds wander, and yet they do because their hearts are hard towards Me and their eyes are clouded over by cataracts of worldliness.

I do not want My people to have such problems drive them far from Me because they are not girding up the loins of their minds. I want My people to be alert and alive in the Spirit dimension, whereby they are able to discern between good and evil and choose for that which is righteousness.

Be thankful to Me this day that you can look to Me and know that I am indeed the One who is intently concerned with your well-being. Do not follow after the foolery and the vanity of these present times and allow those demonic powers to continue lurking in the shadows of your minds.

Be alert and alive in the Spirit and realize that through Me the truth is provided and you are enabled to discern between good and evil. When you are making the conscious effort to obey Me, then you are shown how merciful I am and how much I give you My light that you do not need to be governed nor deceived by the demon powers that are hiding in the shadows.

You are intended to walk in the light and be the children of the light. It is not meant for you to be adhering to the demonic input that is so commonplace and obeying the same. Rather, you are meant to be adhering to My instruction and direction and realize of a surety that I am the One who does purpose you for My own good plans.

The more that you are willing to come into the light and walk in the same, the more that the evil powers that have been lurking in the shadows of your minds will be exposed for the vile creatures that they are. Be glad even this day that My purposes for you are good and they are pure. I desire you to keep your minds stayed on the things that come of the godly input and not on the devil’s input.

There is a continual battle going on for your minds, and I want you to win that battle, that is, not giving way to the input of demons but fighting for that which is godly with all of your strength. Be aware that the enemies want to distract you from My desires and cause your desires to be contaminated by the input of the world and the powers of darkness that are lurking in the shadows of your minds. Do not accept such thoughts that deviate your hearts and your actions to ways that are contrary to My desire for you. Be glad even today that as you are adhering to Me, you are given the light upon the path and the purpose that I have for you.

The man who is running a race does not allow himself to stop along the way and take a nap or indulge in worldly pleasures and expect to win the race. No, he must concentrate on the course that is set before him and push himself onward in the same. I have never intended that My people would be ogling those things that are in violation to My purposes and My standard and losing out with Me. I have intended that My people would be adhering to My desires and ever thankful that it is Me who has given them the Holy Spirit as their guide.

The Holy Spirit will never guide My people into the way of sinful activity, nor will My Spirit instruct My people to ogle the world and the vileness of the same. Rather, My Spirit will lead My people into greater understanding of My way and reveal to them the demonic powers that attempt to deceive them by lurking in the shadows of their minds. Do not by any means take up the stupidity and the darkness that so many are adhering to. Instead, be glad that I provide the safety and the strength to all who want to be free of demonic infiltration and subjugation.

It is refreshing to be freed of demonic input and to have the light to shine in those places that have been shadows in your minds. As you well know, those who commit evil do so in the dark, and when the minds of people are in darkness, they are persuaded to commit sins that are deadly. As you are called to be the children of the light, continually turn away from darkness, not allowing the same to lure you into the shadows, whereby you can be viciously accosted in your minds.

Be serving each day in the attitude of gratitude, knowing that I am the One who desires that you would serve Me with all that you are because you are loving Me. Do not be as the doubleminded, who imagine that they can cling to the world’s ways and be found pleasing Me. Such as are loving the world are not loving Me, because none can serve two masters. You will either serve Me or you will serve the destroyer.

Keeping this in mind, be diligent to invite the searchlight of My Spirit into your hearts and minds each day that those forces that are undermining of My purposes do not linger in the shadows of your minds and poison you. Consider that you are not intended to be bitter, hateful, wanting revenge and seeking to undermine others. Rather, you are intended to be walking fully in the light, and that light will shine through you. Actually, as you reflect the light, others will be wanting to come out of the shadows in their minds.