Higher Way, Higher Love

I speak unto you this day and I say: I desire that My people would come up higher and higher in Me. I do not intend that My people would remain as chickens, ever scratching about and barely able to fly. Rather, I desire that My people would be as the eagles, able to soar in the higher dimensions of My Spirit and be enabled to see and do more for Me.

When I call to My people and declare to them that it is My time to mobilize and aim higher in Me, I want them to respond favorably. This is because I desire that My people would be walking in faith and not fear. There are many in these times who give themselves to fear rather than faith. They have their vision on a low plane, and that is where they stubbornly remain. That is, they are not intending to move forward; they are merely stuck in the mud of carnality and refuse to follow My Spirit and move into the higher realms of growth that I have for them.

Be thankful this day that you can move up higher and higher in Me as you follow My Spirit’s commands and directives to you. You are not intended to quit following and stubbornly cling to bitterness, unforgiveness and self-pity. Abandon such things and refuse to get trapped by such ugly spirits and find yourselves overwhelmed in the same.

As My people, you are meant to realize that it is Me who is the One who brings the ones I have chosen up into the realms of higher love, wherein they will develop in Me and mature to greater levels and prove to be more useful for My kingdom purposes.

You are living in times when far too many are enclosed in the traps and snares that the enemy forces have set for them. They have stopped following Me and taken up the way of their own despair and destruction. I do not want you to be destroyed; I want you to be coming forth knowing the power that I give forth to the ones who are soaring and gaining a higher vision as they follow hard after My Spirit.

In order to keep on growing in Me, you must obey the commands of My Spirit and realize that it is needful that you be guided higher into the dimensions that are awaiting you. To come up higher and higher in Me is indeed My desire for you. It is intended that My people would come up into the dimensions and realms that I have prepared, and do so with eagerness and thanksgiving because they are privileged to serve Me with gladness and rejoicing each day.

These are times of hardship and pressure, but I do not want you to go down under the same. Rather, I want you to come forth knowing that through Me you can be uplifted and coming forth into greater dimensions of understanding My way. Consider that My Son Jesus is the elder brother, the first born among many brethren. It is He who is the pattern you are meant to follow and serve each day. Therefore, realize that He shares in fellowship with Me and obeys the commands given by My Spirit.

I want you to do the same. In order to become the sons and daughters that you are intended to be, you must pattern yourselves after Jesus, who chose the higher way. The higher love that He exhibited to the world was the consequence of His intention to display the way of My kingdom. Be thankful this day that you can come forth in My kingdom and know that through Me you are shown mercies in abundance and given the light on the path that you have need of.

There are multitudes who lose their souls every day because they are yielded to the devil and his demons. Some of them know nothing of Me or My Son. They grovel each day to exist, because they are in darkness and under the curses of idolatry. Such as these are groaning in the misery of their existence, yet I want them to come into My kingdom and to understand that the reality of My way is deliverance from misery. They cannot be set free if no one will open the doors of their prison houses.

As My messengers, the more that you advance in Me, the more you will understand how needy and destitute vast numbers of people really are. Be thankful this day that you can declare Me to the lost and dying and to the ones trapped in idolatrous religions, and tell them of My infinite mercies and My goodness which is ever present for them to partake of. Be glad even now that through My Spirit you can be uplifted and guided forth, ever knowing that I am the One who cares for you and has given you the opportunity to be redeemed as you have believed upon My Son as your Savior and Lord.

Consider how much mercy I have given you, and I have that same mercy for others as they will believe upon Jesus and come into My divine family. It pleases Me the more that you grow into the place of cooperation with My concern for the lost, the dying, the perishing. As you are coming up higher and higher in Me, so shall you be enabled to see beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is no good thing that I withhold from the ones who walk uprightly and serve Me with all of their strength.

Realize that I do not abandon you. It has been and still is My pleasure to guide you forth in the plain path that will bring you up higher and higher in Me. Do not resist or refuse My Holy Spirit commands. Obey the same with thanksgiving and gladness because it is Me that you are trusting and not your own understanding. The higher you move in Me, the more you see the superiority of My kingdom and the higher love that is yours to have.