Trusting God in Terrible Times

I speak unto you this day and I say: Truly it is Me that you can trust and rely upon even in terrible times. I do not intend My people to collapse and give up because the times are terrible. Rather, I intend that My people would keep their vision single unto Me and continue to trust Me no matter what their circumstances may be.

Consider this, that to trust is an effort that requires those who are spoken to by My Holy Spirit to keep single and to keep focused on what I want. I do not want My people to look at their situations and circumstances and give up because they are experiencing hardship. Rather, I want My people to keep trusting and looking to Me, for I will make the way for all who cry out to Me in their need. There are definitely times when I desire that My people look only to Me and know that I am their source.

There are times when I the Living God am bringing down the proud by the display of My wrath, fury and indignation. In such, I send adverse weather conditions and crop failures in order to cause them to be needy. I send extreme rains, floods, droughts and famines to cause the proud to be humbled. However, even in such times, I will make the way for My people as they are trusting in Me and looking to Me as their source and the One who provides for them.

Do not be afraid in these times, even though they are terrible, for I will make the way for you, and you will see that I can make the empty barrel full and the oil never ceasing, as I did for the widow who provided for My prophet Elijah. The situation that they were in required trust in Me from both sides. I sent the prophet to her requiring her to put him first in giving her last portion of food to him. She was expecting to die of starvation along with her son because of the drought.

However, as both obeyed, I made the way for them, and they were both provided for in time of famine. She trusted, and Elijah trusted My word and spoke forth the same, and she was to see that the barrel of flour never ran out, nor did the cruse of oil. Consequently, by trusting, Elijah, the widow and her son were all provided for. The benefits of trusting far exceed any of the efforts involved in exercising trust.

Those who look to Me in terrible times are not made ashamed, and I do provide for the ones who look to Me and cry out to Me for their needs. I do not want My people to be focused on the things that are nonsensical. I want My people to be focused on Me as the One they are able to look to and believe in, for I far exceed all of those who are stagnated in unbelief.

Be glad this day that you can rely on Me, for I am the Creator and the One who is high above all of the powers of men and women who are wanting to have their own way. While they may have things their own way, they are not adhering to the way I intend for them, and the consequence is, they lose out with Me.

Those who turn aside from trusting Me and are relying on the arm of flesh are basically proving their own inabilities to continue in the course that is set before them. I do not want you to turn aside to unbelief and mistrust, for those who do so prove themselves to be foolish. You are not intended to be a fool; you are intended to be made wise because you are trusting only in Me as the One true God you are meant to serve with gladness each day. The more that you are giving the thanks and the praise to Me, the more you will be uplifted to trust during terrible times.

As My united believers are in alliance with My Holy Spirit commands, they will be in communion with Me as the One who will prove that I am the One they should trust in at all times. Do not be swayed from My way. Rather, refuse to give way to any evil heart of unbelief. Choose to believe upon Me and not the circumstances that want to drag you down into the mire that you are not intended to get bogged in.

Truly, when you are trusting yourselves to Me, you will be uplifted as you see that I do not withhold what you need from you. I have promised and I keep My promises. I will meet the needs of My people and provide for them such as they have need of. Be glad that you can trust Me no matter how hard the times are for the unbelieving and fearful. As you continue to trust Me, you are not made ashamed, but you are continually being uplifted and given the things that you have need of.

I want My people to be in One mind and One accord because they are keeping their focus on Me and knowing that I do not do them wrong. I instead give to them everything that they have need of, because they are loved by Me as a good father loves his children and strives to provide for them their needs. Such a father wants to be a good provider for his children because he loves them dearly.

So it is with Me. As you are trusting in Me, you will find that I provide and I do so in abundance because I am the One who does such things for those whom I love and want to see uplifted in the challenge that is at hand. Whenever My people are expanded in their faith and trust in Me, they will face circumstances and situations that they do not necessarily want to face. However, as they keep single in their vision, they will see that it is Me who always makes the way. Be glad to be enabled to trust and believe in Me.