The Jungle Journey

I speak to you this day and I warn you quite clearly that the world as it is in these times is as a jungle with dangers lurking all about. I do not desire My people to be victims of the many dangers that are found in the jungle; I want them to be kept and guided forth through the entanglements, the pits, past the roaring lions and the poisonous snakes. I do not want them eaten alive by crocodiles, nor do I want them shot by death arrows.

It is My intention that My people would be guided forth and kept despite the dangers and perils that are inherent in the jungle journey. The more that My people are attentive to the guidance being given to them through the Holy Spirit, the better off they will be in this present jungle they are in. As you can see, the jungle also known as the world is full of all manner of violence and danger, and multitudes die every day from the perils that are ever present. Many die by carelessness, some by accident, and others by intention.

I do not want My people to die unnecessarily; I want My people to go forth knowing and understanding how important it is that they stay attentive to the instructions given to them through their guide, the Holy Spirit. Truly, there is every reason to follow after whatsoever the guide speaks to them, because through and by the same they are kept and guided forth in the way that is My pathway through the unlimited opportunities for death that are lurking on every turn. I do not desire for My people to die prematurely; I desire for them to continue steadfast and be kept in the way that is intended for them.

There are of course countless multitudes who have gone into the jungles totally unprepared and stubbornly refusing to be guided in the jungles. The consequence is that they have lost their lives prematurely and ended in the miseries of hell itself. Know of a surety that such a course is totally unnecessary if a person will walk in and pursue the course that I have for them. Be thankful that you do not need to pursue the course of destruction. Rather, you can pursue the course that I have for you, and be kept and accomplishing My purposes in the jungle journey.

Realize that there are inhabitants in the jungle regions of this world who live in the danger zones every day. For them it is a daily battle to survive the ever present perils of their circumstances. I send forth My messengers to present to them My Son Jesus that they can indeed come out of the darkness and danger that they are in and come into the light, life and love that is given through My Son Jesus.

Consider that some of these jungles exist right in the middle of so-called civilized nations and lands. Unfortunately, some people experience the life of ungodly, wanton, careless and deadly jungle living right in the midst of cities, reservations and ghettos. Such places are the habitation of people with no hope or desire for change. They live in the jungle zones with endless perils as a part of daily existence. Many of them have never even heard of Me, for they are the children of the damned.

Because I am the all-knowing, all-seeing God, I send forth My messengers unto them that they are given the opportunity to turn their lives over to Jesus through repentance. As they do, they are given the new life and the hope that comes through Him. There are souls perishing in such jungles, and oftentimes no one cares for them in any way whatsoever.

Be thankful this day that I care for those who are lost, and will hear the call to repent and return to Me as their heavenly Father. It is Me who has given the opportunity for men, women and children to come forth in My way and be redeemed from the penalty of their sins. When I sent My Son Jesus into the world to proclaim the message of repentance, He faced dangers on every hand from the vicious, slanderous and treacherous religionists who wanted Him dead because they hated the truth He told them.

So it is, that in these times, as My messengers face the perils of these modern-day jungles, they will face the same dangers that were evidenced in those times. There are those who will oppose the truth and attempt to kill My messengers. However, as My people stay true, they will be uplifted, guided and kept by and through the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Do not back up if you are called to the jungle regions because you are fearful. Instead, proceed with the knowledge that you will be guided forth by a plain path in the midst of the jungle. Be rejoicing even this day that you do not need to walk afar off from Me. Rather, you can be kept by Me, for I do not intend for you to be devoured and destroyed.

More and more men and women are going to be perceiving just how perilous the world’s jungles have become. Those who think they can make it on their own are deceived. Those who are believing in Me will be knowing that they are being guided in the midst of evil, yet they do not need to be in constant fear, because they are being kept.

The reality is that I don’t call My people to be overwhelmed and overtaken; I call them to proceed according to the guidance they can have continually through the Holy Spirit. Therefore, be rejoicing if I call you to the jungle regions, for they are rapidly increasing, and more often than not, people will realize that I am their only safety.

Be thankful to bear witness of My keeping powers, and proceed forward in the same. The more that you serve Me, the more you are protected by Me in the jungles of these present times.