Perversion Payoffs End in Hell

I speak unto you this day and I say that I the Living God do see the sins of all peoples on this earth. The ones who are committing abominations before Me, I hold them very accountable for their deeds. You are living in a time when mockers and scoffers are running wild, imagining that they can do as they please at all times and get by. Men and women have grown so arrogant and defiant in their perversions that they believe themselves to be invincible. Many of such ones have sold their souls and given themselves to gross exhibitions of their iniquities.

In every generation, there are those who sell their souls to the devil to become rich and famous, and to be applauded by the dull, the dumb, the stupid, who are swept up in the devil’s net and held in captivity by demons. When you see the boldness with which those who are into deep and gross sins exhibit themselves, consider this: They are fools who will be taken in their folly. I do not approve the vileness with which these payoffs show their stuff and believe they cannot be brought down.

In such defiant exhibitions of pride, they are displaying their contempt for Me and My creation. When I brought forth humankind, I created them both male and female. I did not create nor bring forth those who decided what they were after they were of a certain age. What they were born is what they were intended to be. Those who take it upon themselves to be something they are not are playing with fire, and they will end in hell if they have been taken into a reprobate mind.

Be aware that I the Living God do not intend evil for humankind. They bring it upon themselves by listening to the devil more than Me. In the garden, Adam and Eve were in perfect communion with Me, and they had everything that they needed provided for them. However, when they chose to oppose My desire and go after the lies of the serpent, they fell from the place they had enjoyed with Me. They were banished from My presence by their sins, and they were put into a place where they now had to fend for themselves rather than having My provision given freely to them. They would learn the hardship of toiling for their daily food and seeing what their sins had brought upon their children. They would see the anguish and sorrow of sin before their own eyes, as was shown forth by the sins of their children and the sorrows that came from those sins.

When anyone departs from My way and goes off into the way of deception, then they themselves will become deceivers. They will attempt to entice others into the madness that they are in, and show that such ones as these are destined to deceive likewise. Therefore, be aware that as these perversion payoffs go forth, their motivation is to deceive and to cause others to come into the captivity of the delusional madness that they are in. This plot is of the devil and his wicked demons, who are desiring to destroy souls and cause them to end in hell.

I do not let any get by with such schemes, and those who are a part of the same will end in tragedy and know eternally the agonies of the damned. While the devil and his demons have tricked and beguiled their followers, so will the dumb who follow such fools end in hell if they do not repent. It is no game that is to be played for the fun of it. It is a deadly game that ends people in hell forever, with no way of escaping the torments.

Be glad that you do not need to follow them in their absurdity and mockery, but you can come forth walking uprightly in Me as the One True God you are meant to serve with rejoicing each and every day. It is a good thing to know Me as your God and to recognize that you are being led forth in the plain path that is righteousness and holiness before Me.

As My united believers, do not hesitate to let your voices be heard in opposition to the evil that is sweeping the land. Inasmuch as the instigators of this wicked madness are driven by the lust of money, realize that even if they do not participate in the perversions themselves, they are getting the payoffs for the same. While they may put on a show of business only, they will end in hell likewise, for they gave their finances to the destruction of morality and the promotion of perversion.

Consider the multitudes who wait with open eyes and ears for the latest poison to be spewed on them by the media mediums, who are a part of the world-wide agenda of destruction. If such multitudes would wait for My Spirit to speak to them and guide them forth in the way of the redeemed, they would be partaking of salvation rather than damnation.

Do not feed off of the bait that the mediums offer to you, for they are wicked and want you to be destroyed and damned with the rest of the senseless fools who are deceived. Indeed, when you are attentive to the commands of My Spirit, you will be able to discern between good and evil, and by such discernment you will not be taken in the way of the damned.

Therefore, do not grow lazy nor slothful, for there is indeed a massive assault being launched against any and all that were at some time righteous and in the way that I intended for men and women to walk in. Be seeking to be clean and clear before Me, not giving yourselves over to the folly of fools, nor listening to the rabble of lies, for the same are delusions, and they will bring on further death by confusion.