Lovingkindness Endures Forever

I speak unto you this day and I say that My desire is that My people would yield themselves fully to My Spirit and give Me thanks and praise. I do not want My people to be estranged from Me and taken up with those things of the world whereby they take on the attitudes of the world, which are ugly.

I want My people to be attentive to Me and to understand how much goodness I give to them every day. They need to know that it is My pleasure to show forth and to give My lovingkindness to them at all times. The devil is a cruel and hideous master, and those who are under his control are actually sufferers, for he gives them no mercy at all. I give continual mercy to My people because I am the merciful, and it gives Me pleasure to show forth that mercy to My own people.

Do not be hesitant to give Me thanks and praise, for as you do, you will see that yes, I am the One True God whose lovingkindness endures forever. When you consider that all of the false gods are dead and there is no life in them, then you can rejoice that I can hear you, that I can see you, and that I can respond to you, for you are indeed My people. Make it your goal to be in continual thanksgiving unto Me as you serve Me each day in the attitude of gratitude.

I do not want you to be cut off from Me; I want you to be near to Me, for I lead you forth by a plain path and give you light on the path in a sin-sick and darkened world. It has never been My intention that My people would take up the ways of sin and transgression. Therefore, keep yourselves in the attitude of gratitude because you are redeemed by the blood of My Son Jesus, who took upon Himself your sins and paid the price for the same.

I want to be in true communion with My people, and I want them to be united believers who are keeping themselves in alliance with Me at all times. The more that My people adhere to Me, the more that I give to them all that they have need of. It is truly a good thing to be enabled to look to Me and partake of the marvelous miracles that I give to My people because they ask My help in every given circumstance.

As My people open up their hearts more and more to Me, so shall they see that I am able to heal, to restore, to mend, and to deliver them in ways that they never imagined possible. It is My pleasure to have a people who are ever trusting, believing and looking to Me as the author and the finisher of their faith.

I do not want the ones who are Mine resorting to the world, for the world is full of lying, lusting and losing. When any is trusting in the world more than Me, they are foolish, for they will find in the end that they lose out with Me because of yielding to the ugliness of the world rather than yielding to Me. Be glad even today that as you are looking to Me, you will be made more and more alive in the Spirit dimension.

Be ever aware of the battle that goes on daily for your souls. The wicked desire to kill the just and do away with them completely. In such treachery, they attempt to use every tactic against the united believers who are in alliance with the Holy Spirit. The more that My people unite in alliance with the Spirit and are guided by the same, the more that the enemies’ forces are plotting to destroy the just.

Remember to stay subject to the Spirit’s commands, and do not take on the foolery and the vanity of the world. When you are feeding off of the bread of heaven, your thoughts and actions will reflect the same. However, if you begin to feed off of the bread of hell, you will be poisoned by the same. Instead of praising Me for My lovingkindness, you will attempt to criticize and assume that I am cruel, harsh and unloving.

When you feel the false accusation rise up within you, stop and consider: Have you opened up for the same? Ask the Holy Spirit to examine your heart and reveal the hidden areas where there are demons nested and persisting in their own agenda to destroy your relationship with Me. When you see such darkness, repent, and then pray to be delivered of the demons that are exposed by and through the Spirit’s light.

As My people, you are not intended to carry around demons and be the host for them. Rather, through the power that is found in Me and because of the lovingkindness I give to you, such forces are to be driven out. I absolutely do not want My people to be allowing evil spirits to remain in their lives once those forces are revealed. Be thankful that you do not need to live your lives in emptiness and despair. Rather, you can live your lives in joyful thanksgiving for the mercies you receive every day.

It is a true blessing to know that you are loved by Me. Because you are My children, I care for you and provide for you when the idol worshipers are crying to the wind, for their idols do not hear them. Their idols are speechless, brainless and lifeless. Be thankful this day that you are not meant to be subject to such foolish beliefs that hold millions of people in the captivity of spiritual blindness and dumbness.

Rejoice for the privilege to be redeemed and to be knowing that My lovingkindness endures forever and that you can be blessed by the same. More and more you are meant to be serving Me in gladness and thanksgiving, for through My Spirit you are guided, commanded and counseled in the way that is righteousness revealed. How fortunate you are to be the children of the light, ever able to partake of My lovingkindness, which is enduring forever!