The Vision

I speak unto you this day and I say: Stop and consider how important the vision that you have really is. When people have the vision of evil intent, that is what they do. When people have the vision of the heavenly purpose, that is what they do, if they are obedient to the heavenly calling. There have been and still are men, women and children who are obedient to the heavenly calling and therefore fulfill My purpose in and with their lives.

Know of a surety that the ones who are laboring for My kingdom according to the vision and the calling they have received from Me through the Holy Spirit are well pleasing unto Me. This is because their intentions are according to My desire and purpose for their lives and the life work they do for My kingdom, which is the vital vision they are meant to pursue.

Sadly enough, there are endless multitudes who are feeding continually off of those things that are intensely evil, and by what they are eating, the vision of violence, as well as hatred, jealousy, perversion and murder becomes their goal. Such a goal will end them in death and damnation of soul because they did not seek for, nor pursue the heavenly vision. Instead, they perceived only the earthly vision, and the same destroyed them.

Inasmuch as humankind was created in My image and likeness, it was intended that men, women and children would walk uprightly as I had made them. However, they are the ones who chose in direct opposition to Me and went a whoring after the vanity and vexation of their own darkened understanding. Consequentially, they went for the vision that was and is destructive and degrading. I do not want My people to be degraded and destroyed; I want My people to walk uprightly, not seeking for inventions and perversions of the way that I intended them for.

There are many who refused to get the vision, or got the vision that I had for their lives and threw the same aside and took up lifestyles that were totally hypocritical and pretentious. Such as these oftentimes caused much pain to themselves and others because of their stubbornness. Those who persist in the evil vision rather than the holy vision will end in hell because of transgression and violation of My vision.

Look at the life of the apostle Paul, who was formerly Saul. In the days of Saul the murderer, he served the evil vision and wanted the death of all believers in My Son Jesus. In fact, he was the major cause of the imprisonment, cruel torture, and death of multitudes of new believers in My Son Jesus. He was a man who was full of hatred and vehement opposition to the ones who were Christian, and his goal was to completely do away with them. However, it was not My intention that he would succeed in his vile vision, and I brought him down and caused him to cry out!

Then My Son appeared to him and told him of My intention for his life and implanted in him the heavenly vision. Saul became Paul and went on to become a very great apostle who was used mightily to spread the good news of the gospel everywhere he went. His vision did not grow dim no matter what he had to endure, because he realized he had been spared from hell by repenting to My Son Jesus for his treachery and torture in the days of his former covering.

Apostle Paul was not afraid of hardship and suffering, nor did he believe in any other doctrine than Jesus Christ as the way, the truth and the life. He did not adhere to the old Jewish law, and he stood adamantly against the ones who tried to bring Christian believers under the law rather than allow them to follow My Holy Spirit in their new lives in Jesus.

Because of the persistence with which he continued, he established many new-covenant churches and held the oversight of the same. He became a man who was not afraid to face unbelieving pagans and declare to them the reality of Jesus Christ and the resurrection life that Jesus was willing to give to all who would choose to follow Him and walk in His steps.

Basically, Apostle Paul perceived that he had been saved from a life of sin and damnation because he was a “religious zealot” who made the lives of the early Christian believers miserable. He became the one who would prove to be outstanding in his dedication and consecration to the heavenly vision he was given at his conversion to Jesus as his Savior and Lord.

He was a man who endured hardness as a good soldier of Jesus, and throughout the ages, there have been many others who saw him as a great example of the forgiveness power of Jesus. They have followed the faithfulness that Paul demonstrated in his dedication to the heavenly vision.

It is truly a joy to see men and women who have been forgiven of gross sins and then become dedicated and faithful disciples and apostles, proclaiming and living the heavenly vision in all parts of the world. By such dedication, so is the great commission being fulfilled and the heavenly vision promoted, both locally and globally, as those who hear, see and obey, travel even to the remote regions of the world in order to obey the command given by My Son.

They have heard and obeyed the command to go into all the world and preach the gospel. Through continuing effort and willingness to bear the burden, countless souls have been converted from pagans and religionists to dedicated disciples of Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. Thank Me that you can stay true to the vision that you’ve received and declare The Vision.