Keep Away from Evil

I speak to you this day, My people, and I command you to keep away from evil. Even though you may be positioned in the midst of evil circumstances, keep away from the same. I do not intend that My people would be in fellowship nor friendship with workers of wickedness, but I intend that My people would be in fellowship with Me at all times in order to be pleasing Me.

I have never intended that those who are Mine would partake of the wickedness that is all about. Rather, they are to partake of the goodness that I give to them, and be glad for the same. This day, keep your focus clearly upon Me as the one you are meant to serve with rejoicing and thanksgiving. Reality is that you are privileged to have fellowship with other believers in whatever way I provide, and as you do, be glad that you do not have comradeship with the workers of wickedness who are hell-bent on their own destruction and devastation.

I do delight when My people will be affectionate towards each other because they are united believers who are desiring to serve Me with all of their hearts and are in alliance with the commands and dictates of My Holy Spirit. Do not allow the enemy to drive a wedge between you and those who want My way and not their own. I do not want to have you in quarreling with each other; I want you to have sweet communion with each other, because you are Mine.

It is not My intention that My people would be yielding to the evil invitations that are on every hand. It is My intention that My people would be glad to accept the purposes that I have for them and to live in the same with gladness. Realize, when you see how many the devil and his demons have entangled in darkness and iniquity, that you do not need to be participating in the wickedness that is the work of lying spirits.

I do not want you to be involved in wickedness; I want you to be partaking of the goodness, the glorious truth that I give unto you, and that you can be shown that My way is perfect. The more you are accepting of My way, the more that way is made plain, that you are not tempted to go in the way of the damned. Truly, the more you walk in the light, the more evident it becomes that you must keep yourselves away from evil.

I do not intend that My people would find themselves overwhelmed because of the presence of evil forces. I intend that My people would keep their armor on and use the sword of the Spirit, which is My word, at any given time. My united believers are meant to remain sober minded, not drunk or intoxicated by the stupidity and the darkness of these times.

Be thankful this day that through Me you are enabled to prevail and come forth victorious. Do not look at yourselves as victims, because when any sees themselves as victims, they are literally setting themselves up to be overwhelmed and overtaken.

I do not want you to be set up; I want you to be more than conquerors, because you are loved by Me and led by My Spirit. Consider that My Son actually conquered, even though He was in the midst of evil, because He kept steadily believing in Me and communicating with Me, that He did what I wanted Him to do.

Jesus was not a passive man. He was filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, and by the same He overcame many foul fools who were proud and hated the message He gave for them to repent. Because such ones were filled with pride, they thought more highly of themselves than they needed to think. In such pride, they were bound and contemptuous towards Him. However, He kept Himself attached to Me and followed the commands of My Spirit in every circumstance that presented itself to Him.

As you are serving Me in the attitude of gratitude, you find that I do not keep you from the tender mercies that are available to the faithful. Instead, I desire you to partake daily of those mercies, as they are new every morning for you to delight in. Therefore, do not look at the times and grow disillusioned. Rather, look to Me and be uplifted and focused on the wondrous way that I provide to you and for you in this sin-sick world.

Always be joyful, and always be praying. Do not jump into the shallow grave of despair over the problems that evidence themselves in these times of gross wickedness. Instead, keep clearly recognizing that you are given the greatest gift, and keep thankful and praising because you are redeemed from the penalty of your sins that you committed when you were in evil. Now live as those who have been spared from death and damnation and are able to come forth in the light, the life and the love that I give to you each day.

When you are appreciative of the mercies, the miracles, the goodness, the provision, the spiritual guidance, you will have your eyes opened to see the destruction brought on by evildoers. At all times, stay attentive to My Spirit’s commands, that you are those who overcome evil rather than those who are overwhelmed by evil times and evil men and women.

The times, both past and present, show how utterly unclean humans become when they are not focused on Me. Therefore, keep steadily serving, steadily obeying, and steadily giving forth thanks and praise unto Me. Know that I do not withhold any good thing from you as you walk uprightly in Me as the Almighty King who shall prevail. Pray to be kept from the evil, and command the evil to be brought down.