The Way of Wisdom Not Respected

I speak unto you this day and I say that I give godly wisdom to My people, and I give such wisdom freely. However, when men and women hear that wisdom, yet they do not respect the same, know that they are fools before Me. Never have I intended that My people would walk in the way of the foolish after they have been shown the way of wisdom.

The times at hand are full of foolish and stupid people wanting to do things their way rather than My way. Because they are choosing to walk afar off from Me, I am sorely displeased with their manifestations of stupidity and dumbness. I have never called you to be as the foolish who resist sound counsel and follow after lies. I have seen this pattern repeatedly, and those who are choosing the fools’ way are choosing to die and perish by the choices they have made for folly rather than wisdom.

Be thankful to Me this day that when you are accepting of My instructions and adhere to the guidance given to you through the Holy Spirit, you are guided forth in godly wisdom, and the same is very valuable. The man who seeks Me and does not go in the way of the sinful is of course well pleasing to Me, and I will bring Him forth by a plain path and keep him from falling or slipping down in the slime of sin.

You are in the era of decadence and degradation, and multitudes yield to the impetus and influence of demons, and by the same go headlong into their own destruction and damnation. I do not want My people to be dull and dumb because they are too lazy or rebellious to seek for the way of wisdom and then walk in the same.

To be enabled to hear and obey My instructions is intended to show you how important it is that you do everything according to My input and keep your vision single unto Me. When I have called My people to walk in Me, as they willingly do so, they will come to understand how important it is that they seek for My direction rather than the world’s misinformation.

In the world system there is a giant media misinformation center in the spiritual realm, and people are continually misguided and misdirected by the same. This is no accident, but is plotted and planned by evil forces, that people would accept misinformation and be misguided till they end in heaps of ruination.

Do not be as the ones who are so quick to believe every lie spewed forth by the media and think that you are obligated to obey the same. You are obligated to ask for My wisdom, knowledge and understanding, then be guided by the same so that you are enabled to be kept in the way that I want My people to walk in each day.

There are some who have started out receiving My wisdom and being blessed by the gift they receive. Then they begin to imagine that they are the ones who are so smart, so intelligent, and so superior. The truth is, they are not smart, nor are they intelligent, nor are they led forth according to My desire. This is because they abandon My desire, to take up their own desire, and the same is indeed deadly.

Be careful what it is that you allow to come into your hearts and motivate you to commit things that you would never have done without the demands of demons driving you down. As My people, you are not meant at any time to obey demons; you are meant to obey My Spirit’s commands to you that you are kept in the way of the wise.

It is sad to say that I gave Solomon great wisdom, and when he paid heed to Me, he prospered, and the wisdom I gave to him was manifest. However, when he indulged his lusts, he became a fool, for he disregarded the very wisdom that I had given to him. Then, as he became more and more demonized, he gathered to himself more and more women. He used the women for the fulfillment of his lust, yet he was not satisfied. This is because he had chosen to depart from My way and go in the way of fools.

As he took to himself foreign wives, he built temples and altars to false gods and idols. He committed terrible acts of spiritual adultery and became disobedient. I did not consider him as faithful, for he turned aside from Me to disrespect and disregard the very wisdom that I had given to him, that had caused him to be respected and honored in the former years of his reign as king. Such behavior as he manifested showed that although he was given more wisdom than any other man, he did not respect or honor that wisdom.

Be thankful that you can honor Me by receiving and obeying the wisdom that is given to you through My Holy Spirit. As you are serving in the attitude of gratitude, you will understand how foolish it is to turn aside to demons and allow them to dictate your behavior. The more that you honor Me, the more that you are honored by Me and given the truth through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

The foolish who throw down the way of wisdom to take up the way of folly prove by their behavior that they do not respect nor honor Me. Many of these ones will die in their sins and likewise perish, because they chose the blindness and darkness of their own understanding.

I do not intend for men and women to walk according to their own understanding; I intend for them to walk according to My instructions and directions and be made wise. Thank Me that you do not need to be a fool and end up in the cruel clutches of demons. Pay heed to wisdom, and live.