Obedient Prayers Are Power Packed

I speak unto you this day and I say that when prayers are made unto Me in obedience, I hear and I answer such prayers. It is a joy to Me when My people will pray in accordance with the direction of My Holy Spirit, for when they do, such prayers are full of the Holy Spirit’s power. There are multitudes who never have their prayers answered, because their prayers are merely rote religious repetitions, that is, they are dead and are as the prayers that people make to dead gods.

I do not want people to be merely religious towards Me; I want them to be personal with Me, that is, to be more concerned with their relationship with Me than their display of religious piety. The multitudes who are distant from Me, yet use My Son’s Name, do so in vain. These ones have settled to be religious, while they have refused relationship. In their choices, they are dumb because they are choosing according to dumbness rather than being alive and alert to My Spirit’s directives to them.

Seek to listen to the voice of My Spirit, which will direct you in the way that you should pray, and then obey that voice rather than other voices that want to keep you from relationship with Me. Realize that the demon forces know the power of obedient prayers, and because they know that, they are ever seeking to keep people in bondage to religion.

The truth of it is that religion is actually rebellion, because it is man’s way of directing Me and limiting Me. How stupid it is when men and women think that they can orchestrate the way that they want Me to move! I don’t answer religious prayers, because they are not done out of neediness, but rather are merely a show and not from the hearts of those who are bound in religion.

Be thankful that you can seek Me with all of your hearts as you are in Spirit led prayers that are heard and answered by Me. It is a good thing to recount to each other how many times I have done miracles for you when you have sought for Me. Do not get lazy and mutter a few words and think such are sufficient. They are not. I desire that you would seek your counsel of My Spirit and pour your prayers out to Me out of sincerity and truth.

There is no reason for people to put on their religious displays while their hearts are far from Me. When such ones pray, they do not put their hearts into the same. Instead, they put on vain displays to be seen and heard of others, yet they do not get real with Me. This is because they are avoiding relationship and merely coasting along on rote religion. What they become is religious robots whose rote recitation of prayers are meaningless to them and to Me. When any people have hardened their hearts against Me, I am not at all impressed with them, nor do I listen to them. They are literally putting on their shows for everyone but Me.

I desire that My people would hearken to Me as the One they are meant to serve, for when they are seeking directives from My Spirit, then they are praying in obedience. There is in these times a desperate need for people who will pray in obedience to My commands given through My Spirit. Because of the unclean power of demons, many have quit seeking Me, and are merely posing as believers, while they hearts and their lives are full of the world and the lusts of the same. Never did I intend for you to be a partaker of the world’s madness. I have intended for you to be partakers of Me and the purity of My way.

When you come into Me, you will see that I am the One who desires to guide you forth by a plain path and direct your steps in the blessedness of My intentions and desires for you. Therefore, do not go after vanity, but be kept in the sanity of My purpose for you and pray according to direction and command. The reality is that when you are receiving all that I give, then you are ever strengthened to pray the prayers that are answered by Me, and I bring the results that are intended to be.

As My people will pray, so are things changed by Me. When My people cease to pray, then things grow worse, and the powers of darkness become more and more evident. Truly, this is the time when the need for prayer warriors is great, and I am recruiting the ones who will listen for My Spirit and obey the commands of the same. Therefore, be attentive and willing to pray in cooperation with My Spirit, and you will see the power that is stronger than any force of darkness move into action and bring down the wicked who imagine they remain supreme.

Those who are willing to wage the war in the spirit dimension will see that they do not pray to emptiness, but that I hear them and I respond to their petitions that they can see victories through Me. Over and over, it is Me the Living God who has spared the ones who humble themselves before Me and cry out for My justice to be made evident. I am the God of justice, and I will execute My wrath, fury and indignation against the wicked as My people humble themselves and pray. I do not close My eyes to the deeds of the wicked, and when My people are praying in obedience, then I show forth the power of who I am.

Be glad and not sad that it is Me that you serve and that I am not a dumb idol who cannot hear. Rather, I am the Creator, the Almighty, who delights when My people see their need to pray fervently and obediently unto Me. Then do I manifest once again that the wicked perish and I reign supreme.