Catering to Carnality Ends in Chaos

I speak unto you this day and I say: Beware of catering to carnality, for to do so is deadly, inasmuch as carnality carries with it the curse of death. I do not want My people to be imagining that they must cater to their own carnality or to the carnality of others. There are many who have lost out with Me because they attempted to cater to carnality rather than Me.

If you look at the utter confusion that is in the world in these times, why is it so? It is because those who are in leadership have taken people into the utter chaos that is rampant in these times. When those in leadership are no longer looking to stabilize people and keep nations on an even course, demons move in to take control, and cause troubles that intensify and magnify as time goes on. The days that you are in are very confusing because people do not know who they are, nor do they care. There is permeating depression and despair that is prevailing, and people no longer care whether they live or die.

These demonic powers that are so evident in these times are the consequence of the fact that men and women, while in leadership, have not sought My counsel. They have merely gone after demon powers. Quite obviously, there are multitudes who have estranged themselves from Me by catering to their own carnality as well as the carnality of others.

The chaos that rules in these times is total confusion, and many are taken captive in the throes of the same. They do not know if they are men or women, and their lives and the lives of their offspring are devoured by demon powers whose goal is to kill, steal and destroy. Many nations that were once somewhat sane have ended up totally insane, as their leaders have yielded to the input of demon spirits. Multitudes have been motivated to commit crimes and acts of atrocity in the midst of the chaos that is being promoted in order to enslave people to increasing sin and wickedness.

When you see the utter destruction that comes about by catering to carnality, then you can see why My Son demanded that His disciples deny themselves. He knew that when people are indulging their carnality, they are feeding a monster that will never be satisfied. Over and over, as one looks at the recorded history of humankind, it becomes evident that souls are continually perishing and nations are being destroyed by the element of self-centered living. Do not persist in catering to your carnality, for the same is a dead-end street, and to take that road is to go in the way of death.

It is not My intention that people would assume that I created them to live for themselves and to have their own ways. That is not My intention at all. The intention that I have is for people to adhere to Me and to come forth daily uplifted as they are living for My purposes and not their own. Far too often, when people begin to indulge their old nature, their carnality is as a starved beast, never able to be satisfied. Then they become slaves to attempting to satisfy the beast who is not able to be satisfied.

Be thankful and serve Me as your first love, that is, by denying the carnal creature that you were the slaves of before you came to freedom by My Son Jesus. This day, be ever made glad that I am your resource, your strength and your safety, and that as you are found pleasing unto Me, you will indeed be more and more well pleasing. When you are walking humbly before Me, then are you able to be uplifted, guided and brought forth, knowing that it is Me who is your Master and Lord.

Consider how much better it is to be ruled by Me rather than by the carnal beast that wants its way continually. When it is Me that you are serving, you are not taken into the confusion and the delusion of these times. I have never intended that My people would be caught up in the love of self. I have intended that My people would be energized to come forth renewed and refreshed by paying heed to and obeying the commands of My Spirit that I give to them each day.

Know of a surety that it is a good thing to be loved by Me, much better than being loved by your own carnality. There is no reason for you to be abandoning yourselves to destruction. There is every reason to be abandoning yourselves to Me and knowing that by the same you are being uplifted, brought forth, and kept from the chaos that is throughout the land.

So many have chosen to estrange themselves from Me by going in a way that is corrupt and wicked, and as they do so, they find themselves entangled in the mire and the madness of these times. There are many ways to choose in the broad way, and all of them end in death and damnation. When you are relying upon Me, you are relying on the way that is glorious, the way that is beautiful, and the way that is My mercy given.

If people do not adhere to My order, they are led forth in the disorder of demons, and chaos is their way of life that ends in death and damnation. It is foolish to cater to carnality when the same has within it the elements of cruelty, savagery, selfishness and idolatry. When anyone is giving their attention to idols, they become dumb and dumber. This is because they have turned to worshipping death and have forsaken life.

Be thankful this day that through My mercies you are being directed by My Holy Spirit and given divine order and clarity in your lives. Be glad that you are not ruled by the beast, nor are you ruled by the beastliness that is found in the carnality of others. Depart from carnality, denying the same, and thus avoiding the death trap of chaos.