Drunkards, Sober Up or Perish!

I speak to you this day and I say that I am disgusted with the drunkards who are claiming to be Mine. While they are using My Son’s Name in vain, they are conducting themselves as absolute fools and doing those things that are an abomination to Me. I do not intend that My people would be drunkards, and yet they are in such a condition because they are partaking of intoxicating substances rather than crying out to Me.

Whenever My people take up idols, they are taking up that which is abomination to Me, and I find no pleasure in them, for their devices are wicked and their deeds are evil. Consider that My people are meant to remain sober, redeeming the time and walking in accordance with My standards of righteousness and true holiness. When you see the ones who are in rebellion against Me, you are seeing fools who are wanting their way rather than My way. I would ask you: What do My people gain from drunkenness except delusion and debauchery?

When anyone, male or female, partakes of those beverages, substances, etc, that are intoxicating, they are basically putting poison into their systems, and by the same they become drunk and are no longer clear minded. Because of their lack of clarity, they are doing many things that are abomination to Me, and I absolutely am not pleased in them. Inasmuch as I made man and woman in My image and likeness, I did not make them to be staggering or swaying people who are so intoxicated by the poisonous substances they have taken in.

When I brought forth My people, I intended for them to be clear minded and their bodies to be clean likewise, for they would be able to communicate with Me in the pure and sweet communion that I created them for. When sin entered in, then so did the contamination, the abomination and the corruption of the same. No longer were My people clean and clear; because of sin, their minds were covered in lies rather than the truth, and their bodies were given over to the commands of demon powers.

It has never been My intention that they would be found in such a way. Yet, by choices made by Adam and Eve, all have followed the same route. Now, drunkenness, addiction and intoxication are more and more common. As sin increases, morality decreases, and people are taken up with those things that bring them to ruination, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Needless to say, in reference to their spiritual lives, they lose out with Me and are unable to keep their promises to Me, as they want their idols more than Me. Because they are covered in lies, they sin repeatedly, as they bow to the commands of demons given to them, rather than listen to the commands of My Spirit.

The tables of those who are meant to be serving Me are covered in vomit, and everything is in disarray, because they are choosing to wallow in the drunkenness and debauchery rather than walk soberly. Drunkenness brings them to ruination, and of course, the overly intoxicated will not enter into My kingdom.

While they follow the commands of demons in the selfishness of their addictions, they become more and more wretched. Some attempt to cover over and hide their drunkenness for a time and a season, but the same cannot be hidden from Me. This is because I am sorely disturbed and grieved by their persistence in perverting the truth into lies, to indulge themselves in their sins.

Be thankful that you do not have to be involved in their debaucheries and crimes of all manner. Know of a certainty that you are meant to be uplifted and purposed in the way that I intend, and that way is spotless and clean, as you are following Christ as your pattern, your Savior and Lord. When you really concentrate on what I desire, you will see how stupid drunkenness and addictions really are.

You can be certain that those who give themselves to drunkenness and intoxication are of course poisoned, and their words will reflect the poison that they have ingested, which corrupts their thoughts and their words. The words of those who are far from Me because of their drunkenness and addictions are stupid, because their minds and their senses are dulled, and they are dumb, because they are allowing themselves through their choices to be enticed into the cesspool of ugliness that takes them into the ditch.

Be glad that you are not a partaker of such madness, and that you can serve Me each day with gladness and rejoicing because you are walking in soberness and integrity. Be in the attitude of gratitude because you are redeemed and freed from the many seductions to sin that could have kept you in bondage to them.

When you reflect on the mercies that you receive each day, your hearts will be uplifted and full of joy that you have been purchased with a price, and you will honor My Son by your lifestyle as well as your words. Do not ever regret what I have done for you, but rather be glad every day that by Me you are brought forth and shown My light upon the path in a sin-sick and drunken world.

Indeed, you are privileged because you can trust that I am the One who gives to you My Holy Spirit that leads you forth throughout your days, because you are kept in Me as the author and the finisher of your faith. Remain as the faithful rather than the intoxicated fools who perish in folly.