Lecherous and Treacherous

I say to you this day: Be aware that there are multitudes of people in these times who are vile and exceedingly wicked. Because of their wickedness, they are full of corruption, and are causing much harm to others and destroying the lives of innocent children. I despise their atrocious acts of corruption and destruction, and they themselves will be destroyed for the multitude of their evil deeds.

When you see how people in high places are manipulating for causes that are hidden and very wicked, know that their deeds are not hidden from Me. I see how they are using every means available to carry out their wicked and corrupt plans, and all the while, they are claiming to be upright. There is no way that people who are in rule are upright in these times, because of the wickedness and evil that they are doing in secret.

While some of them even use My Son’s name, they absolutely are not in obedience to Me, and they use His Name in vain. There is no way that their deeds are hidden from Me, and I hold them accountable for the injustices they are executing upon the poor, the helpless, the homeless, the refugees and their children. Over and over, such ones are victimized, and they do not understand the utter wickedness and evil that is happening against them during these times.

I do not want you to be involved with such ones, for they are a shame to Me and the standard of righteousness I intended for leaders to conduct themselves in. These ones who are lecherous are as vermin, and their thoughts and their actions are utterly filthy and corrupt. Do not by any means be trusting them, nor believing in their treacherous lies and delusional inventions. They do not know the truth, nor do they speak the truth, nor do they want the truth.

With the all-out war that is transpiring now between good and evil, the lechers who prey primarily on children are doing everything they can to bring children into slavery. These victimized children are being robbed of their identities, of their parents, and of their virginity by these wicked lechers who are treacherously evil and full of violence and unquenchable lusts.

The major concern of these vile persons is money and more money, and they are selling people to gain the fortunes they imagine that they must have. So, while they live in outrageous luxury, their victims live in misery, and many of them lose their lives as though they had no reason to stay alive. To say the least, I do not intend to let such ones remain in their self-made kingdoms that are the consequence of corruption and complete wickedness and total disregard for human rights.

Consider how calloused they are when they are soliciting people in terrible poverty to come to a better world and bring their children. These ones suffer acutely to answer the invitation without considering that they might never live to see the better world they’ve been promised.

The consequences are oftentimes so tragic, since these poor and ignorant ones bite the bait and end up dying terribly painful deaths before they ever reach the better world. Others survive, only to have their children ripped from them and to end up in the throes of human trafficking, being sold as slaves or used for the organ harvesters who are seducing victims to steal their organs and sell them.

Multitudes of children are the prey of predators and the lecherous liars who use them as sex slaves, then either kill them or toss them out on the streets after they have used them for their evil purposes. I do not find any goodness nor shred of decency in such ones, for they are treacherous, dangerous and deadly in their motivations and their actions.

When I see the crimes being committed each day for the purpose of fulfilling the lust of money, I am sorely grieved and angered, because it is greed that is the motivation of those who are guilty of gross wickedness. What a shame that men and women who are possessed of lust go to such extents as they do to fulfill their lusts! Know that they will not go unpunished for the crimes against the poor, against the helpless, the homeless, and against children who are so severely victimized.

Therefore, pray that these corrupted fools will be exposed in their corruption, and that others will see their wicked intentions and schemes and not fall prey to the same. Be aware that I will give to them their just rewards, and they will be incarcerated in particular chambers in hell, where they will know torments every moment.

What they have done to others cannot be eradicated, nor done away with, and the same will be like coals of fire upon them, ever burning, with no relief. Eternity is forever, and such vile persons as these will never be able to buy their way out of hell, nor will any pleas they have for mercy be heard. All of the evil they have done on earth will be played and replayed before them continually.

Be thankful that it is Me that you can look to, for I am the One who sees all and knows all. There is righteousness in Me, and when you pray to Me, I say that I will hear you and answer according to mercy. Therefore, when you see these atrocities and are aware of the evil schemers behind the same, be assured that I the Living God will give them the full cup of My wrath, fury and indignation.

Do not ever doubt that I am just, and that in My time I repay to the wicked all of their wicked deeds they imagined were well covered. Remember there is no repentance for them when they stand convicted before Me. Thank Me that you are redeemed through Jesus.