Wearied by Worry

I speak unto you this day and I say that I do not intend that My people would be wearied by worry. It is My intention that My people would cast their cares upon Me, for I care for them and I desire them to know what it is to be kept in Me at all times.

If you listen to the fears that are daily being pumped out by the world’s media, you will begin to take on their fears and go down under the same. The goal of the mediums who spew out fearful reports day and night is to bring people into captivity to worry about today, about tomorrow, and about whether they will have a future on earth or not.

With the continual threats of worldwide destruction, multitudes live their lives in fearfulness, worry and anxiety, day in and day out. They do not know peace, nor do they seek for relief from the worry that wearies them and causes their outlook on life to be dreary, as they are dreading what will happen next.

Be glad that you do not need to be under the covering of the world. Rather, you can choose to be under My covering and able to stand strong in the days of uncertainty and adversity. The more that you are reliant upon Me, the more that you will come to see that I am caring for you and not attempting to cause you to live in the ugliness of daily existence that so many are subject to in these times.

As you are serving Me each day in the attitude of gratitude, you will come more clearly into the light that I provide. The clear light of who I am will reveal how foolish such ones are who are far from Me and choosing to grow more so by living in sin and darkness because of their inward anxiety over the world and its conditions. When people seek sin as their outlet and release mechanism, they are dumb, because they are choosing the very thing that the devil and his demons want them to choose.

It is a good thing to know that you do not need to be controlled by worry, fear, anxiety and sin. Rather, you can come under the covering of My Spirit and know that in the same you are kept safely and given the newness of life and the assurance of divine guidance. When you consider the conditions that men and women are in during these times, be all the more glad that you do not have to be saddened by circumstances and situations.

Stop and consider how foolish it is to be overwhelmed with worry over the conditions that are transpiring in nations that are on different sides of the globe. To be worried about them does not help you in any way, nor can you solve the problems of the heathen. The responsibility that you have in such circumstances is to rely upon Me and know that I am the One who will hear you when you pray for them.

Keeping this in mind, pray that such ones will come into the salvation mercies that I alone do bring. While world leaders are threatening war, then calling for peace, they are proving how unstable and double minded they are, and unable to do as I desire and require of them. This is because these leaders are being led by demon spirits, and the messages they give out are of course confused and contradictory.

When people who are normally of a sound mind listen to such leaders and take seriously what they are saying, then they too will be affected because of the confusion that is being put forth. Be thankful this day that you can remain in a sound mind by listening to My Spirit and not taking in the dumbness and stupidity that is being put forth.

Know of a surety that when I the Living God do cover you, you have nothing at all to fear. It is a good thing to keep your confidence ever in Me, for I do care for you and desire to see you enabled to trust, to believe and receive the comfort that is available for you each day. My Spirit will bring you the comfort that you need each day, and by the same you will be refreshed and replenished.

Some people are deceived into believing that if they are continually worried, they are living in right standing with Me. This they believe mistakenly, because they are assuming that I am pleased by their worrying. I am not at all pleased with them in their worries, because they are making false assumptions that they are being burdened by Me and that worry shows their concern. These assumptions are false, because when they are living in worry they are proving their own inadequacies in holding to faith in Me and My abilities to take care of things.

Seriously, when people are trusting in themselves and their own capabilities, they are not stable in Me. In fact, they will find themselves in continual upheaval because of their reliance on themselves. When anyone chooses to trust in themselves, they are trusting in lies and fabrications. The curse that comes to them is because they are choosing to make flesh, even their own, as their arm, and by the same trusting in the instability of carnality.

I have never called you to be unstable; I have called you to be dependent and reliant upon Me, for I am your continuing source and strength. Therefore, realize that worry is the work of demons that want to undermine your trust in Me. You are not intended to be wearied by worry; you are intended to be uplifted by praising and giving thanks to Me. When you give Me the thanks and praise, you understand that it is Me who is well able to care for and provide for you in every circumstance. Don’t be wearied by worry!