False Prophets and Pastors Poisoned

I speak unto you this day and I say that the false prophets are vile in My sight and I am angry with them all the day long. They have caused My people to do wrong and to walk afar off from Me. Their actions are grievous and corrupt, and I find no pleasure in them. These ones are ugly and their deeds are equal to, if not exceeding, the mediums and messengers who are causing much harm to the people of the world.

When I look at the condition of My people, they are as those of Sodom and Gomorrah, because they have been mistreated, abused and deceived by the very ones who were meant to keep watch over them. The utter betrayal of these false messengers will cause them to be fed bitterness and poison to drink. This retribution will come of My hand because I am angry with them and I will by My own actions bring them to naught.

As you well know, it is Me who desires My own people to walk and live in the righteousness of My standard. They are not meant to be participating in the adulterous misconduct, the vile and filthy abominable practices that they are in. Yet, they go in a way that is distorted and perverted and think nothing of the same. This is because they have been covered by liars who have declared to them lying vanities and persuaded them to commit wicked sins before Me. Because of their corruption, I will punish them and bring their rule to ruination.

It is Me the Living God who desires that My people would be regathered in righteousness, not left to wander in the isolation and desolation of sins and abominable practices. If I wanted My people to be sinning like the world’s people, I would not have called them to Me. Be aware that in these times there are many people who are misled and misguided because they have been covered in falsehoods and delusions by those who want to have gain and fame at the cost of the souls of My people.

I the Living God will vindicate Myself upon them for their wicked deeds and misconduct, and they will find themselves being devoured by the very devices they used on My people. Therefore, know that while you are seeing in these times the utter baseness of the human nature when it is fueled by demons, I the Living God will not leave things the way that they are. It is Me who will show them up to be the utter wretches that they are, and end their control over the ones who are Mine.

Do not imagine that you must be feeling compassion on such false messengers. They have willfully chosen to do the evil that will be returned to them, and they have done so with lust for power, riches and fame. Because they have committed these sins in My Son’s Name, they will find themselves doubly damned for their destructive deeds.

Be thankful that it is Me the Living God who is able to restore righteousness once again and bring men and women back to sanity. In these times, multitudes are acting out in madness, insanity and anger because of the mental derangement of these times. However, I can and I will restore righteousness in the earth, if and when My people cry out to Me. Therefore, count it a privilege to be ruled in righteousness rather than filthiness.

Realize that there are times when I the Living God withhold My wrath until the wicked have filled up their cups; then I bring down upon them My wrath, fury and indignation, and they cannot free themselves from the same. So shall it be that I am soon to release more and more tragedies upon the wicked religious rulers who have failed to feed My flock with the pasture I had prepared for them.

I do not close My eyes to the evils that are done in this earth, for I do in reality see all that transpires, and I punish those who are purposed for their own destruction and damnation by their deeds. I do hold accountable the ones who are full of lies and cover the multitudes with the same. When those who are meant to be representing Me entice and seduce people to sin, I will bring them down, and they shall eat bitterness and drink poison because I will give the same to them.

When you see the ugliness of the times, know that I see the same. I know the abominations that these wicked religious rulers have committed, and they commissioned My people to do the same. Their deeds are not hidden from Me, and even though they may esteem themselves to be irreplaceable, it is not so. I can and I will bring them down, and they shall be shown to be the absolute idiots that they are, and their eternal destination will be hell. Yes, they will howl and moan for all of the torments that they shall live under, night and day. Their bodies shall writhe under the agonies of the poisonous drink that shall be doled out to them daily.

Even though they may beg for mercy, none shall be given to them, because, as they are bound in the agonies of the damned, they shall be shown repeatedly the gravity of their sins. Likewise, they shall see over and over how many they covered in lies and caused to commit horrid sins and to be damned for the same. The blood that is on their hands will always be there to remind them that they literally murdered multitudes because of their lies and delusions that they covered them in. Know of a surety that these false prophets and false pastors will receive the just retribution and reward for their unrighteousness and misrepresentation of My Son.