Blessed or Blasted?

I speak unto you this day and I say that I the Living God desire that My people would remain under My covering that they would be blessed. It has always been My intention and My desire that My people would be covered by My mercies and able to know the many blessings I have prepared for them. However, there are those who refuse to remain, and so, because of their departure from My covering, they are daily blasted by enemy forces, by their own carnality, and by the world.

Likewise, if they have blatantly rebelled against My mercies, they then come into the wretchedness of rebellion against Me by receiving My wrath, fury and indignation upon them. I do not want you to be under My wrath; I want you to be under My mercies. Therefore, realize that those who are receiving blasting are receiving such because they have chosen rebellion against Me. It is indeed a sad thing when men and women choose to rebel , because it is not only themselves that they affect, but they affect their generations likewise. How unfair it is when men and women openly defy Me, then their children and their children’s children become cursed as the consequence of their sins.

Be mindful that you want your generations blessed, not cursed. When you are choosing for righteousness and are in obedience to My way, you will not be as the fools who have chosen to walk afar off from Me. Instead, you will be as the wise who know what it is to obey Me and to come forth in compliance with My Holy Spirit’s dictates.

Make it a daily practice to ensure the blessings of My presence over your lives and the lives of your generations by seeking to please Me and not your own carnality. Keep covered by Me and be blessed rather than blasted. It is senseless to imagine that you can live selfishly then see your children blessed. The most important thing to remember is to pattern yourselves after the example of My Son Jesus, who remained blessed even though He was continually blasted by the demonically inspired religious hypocrites. These ones were always attempting to put Him down and defame Him, because they were full of resentment towards Me and the message of repentance that Jesus proclaimed. Because they hated Me, they hated Him. Yet, they were not able to destroy Him, because I covered Him in My covering and kept Him blessed despite their blasting attempts to have Him murdered.

Stop and consider how important it is to behave in such a way as to bring the blessedness of My mercies upon yourselves and upon your generations. Do not behave in careless and neglectful ways regarding your responsibilities towards others, including your own offspring. You are not meant to behave as the foolish, the wayward, the vile. You are meant to walk uprightly and to keep yourselves unspotted from the contamination that brings damnation.

Be ever aware that if you are being blasted, there is a reason for the same. Basically, you are either out from under the covering that I intend for you, or you are being targeted by the enemy because you are making inroads into his territory and he is retaliating. If you are being blasted by the enemies, realize that I will bless you, because you are undergoing such because you are faithful to Me and the standard I desire.

Consider how many there are who are settled in a religious mode and are not doing anything to change from the same. Such ones as these are neither blessed nor blasted, because they are merely living in their own sphere of existence. Those who find religious ruts and stay in the same are as the lukewarm: they are neither hot or cold. These call themselves Christians, but they do not serve My Son, nor follow in His steps. They merely live for themselves and imagine that if they have a religious label they are okay with Me. However, I do not find pleasure in them at all, because they are dead towards Me. That is, they do not have love for Me, nor for My Son.

Be thankful that you do not need to live in such a place of spiritual dullness where nothing can shake you up or alert you to the reality of things the way that they are. Those who are in the condition of placid lethargy are very short sighted and selfish, for their concern is for themselves, not for Me or the furtherance of My kingdom.

I desire that My people would be on fire with desire for the furtherance of My kingdom because they are aware that My kingdom is where they belong and will spend eternity. When My people are on fire with desire, then they will obey the commands of My Spirit, and they will obey the same with gladness and rejoicing because they are fortunate to be serving Me.

The reality is that not all who receive the redemptive mercies that come through Jesus will continue in Him. There are many who fall away and turn back. These ones often take it upon themselves to attempt to blast the ones who are continuing in Me. They are not blessed, and because they are backed up and have taken the course of death and damnation, they attempt to destroy My true united believers who are in alliance with Me.

However, as My true ones remain steadfast, they will see that those who have turned out to be deserters and are filled with demons will be blasted themselves. It is Me the Living God who can turn the blasting against them, and they will be taken down in the same. Realize that these fools do not last forever and they face hell in the end. Serve Me and be blessed.