Strong for How Long?

I speak unto you this day and I would ask you: How long do you think that I allow wicked nations to remain strong? When you see the nations that have exalted themselves and are basking in their self-assumed glory, realize that it is Me the Living God who is well able to bring them down and reduce them to naught.

It has never been My intention that men, women and children would assume that they are all powerful, yet because of pride, they assume that they remain forever. The truth is, they do not remain forever, because when I the Living God do bring My force against nations, they are reduced to naught. Be aware that when I the Living God grow weary with the sins of any nation and they are refusing to change from their wickedness, it is Me who brings them down and reduces them to nothing.

I literally abhor those nations who imagine that they remain forever no matter what they do. As they are blinded by pride, they grow more and more defiant and arrogant. They are refusing to realize and understand that it is Me who is all-powerful and that there is no power that is like unto Mine, because I remain supreme. When I see the utter contempt with which they treat Me and My people, I mark them for destruction.

There are many nations that have been destroyed, who imagined themselves to be totally invincible. However, know that it was by My decision that such nations are long gone and remembered no more. These are times when I am bringing nations to utter ruination. Because they have forgotten Me, woe is the cup that I am giving to them. Those nations that have become great by My power, then have abandoned My way and gone off into the wild way of sin, are a shame to My Name.

Quite obviously, I am sorely displeased by the rebellion of nations and the sinful actions of the inhabitants of such nations. Because they are determined to live in wantonness and filthiness, I am bringing on them My wrath, fury and indignation. They are by the same either going to repent and return to Me, or become the recipients of more and more wrath brought forth upon them because they are so rebellious against Me. I do not find pleasure in those who are rebellious; I find pleasure in those who are compliant with My desire for their lives.

When a people are desiring Me, then they will seek to obey Me and walk under the mind of My Spirit. Such ones will know and receive My mercies and My goodness, for the same I will give unto them. It is a joy to Me when people who are called by My Name are united believers who are in alliance with My Spirit commands and in obedience to such commands and dictates. Because I have given My Holy Spirit as the guide, the counselor and the commander to My people, those who are truly loving Me will obey all that My Spirit tells them to do. They will do it with gladness and thanksgiving.

However, the rebellious, the wanton, the willful will take themselves into the ditch of despair, from which there is no return. I do not want you in the ditch of despair that they are in; I want you to be kept for Me. Therefore, do not be going after the delusions that such ones are in, for their end is destruction and damnation. The sad fact is that there are so many who are trapped in the web of deception and destruction and can never escape from the same.

Because of the fact that they have chosen rebellion above obedience, they will know what it is to be brought to naught and devastated by My wrath, fury and indignation. Yet, the tragedy is they do not repent; they simply go on growing more and more rebellious and hard of heart. Needless to say, they will end in hell because they have refused to repent and return to Me as their Creator, the One they were created to serve.

Know that I never created men and women to be disobedient towards Me and to live their lives in rebellion and sinful activities that would bring them under My wrath. However, when those created by Me grow proud, they are quick to be rejecting Me and going after the vanities of demons that are offered to them. Those who pursue the course that demons direct them in are actually proving how dumb and dull they are.

The truth is that any dumb person can follow after demons and damn their own souls in the process. However, I do not want them to be so dumb; I want them to be wise in My eyes because they seek their counsel of My Spirit and refuse the counsel of demons.

Hell is full of those who were living in nations that were in complete rebellion against Me. These nations approved horrid crimes and even made them as laws. The ones who dumbly complied with such laws as mutilation of young children and murder of the unborn and even the fresh born, I hold responsible for their compliance to such crimes.

My true ones will be as united believers willing to refuse to comply with such atrocities, and they will not remain silent about the injustices that are being committed in the name of the law. Realize that I do not want My people to be obeying laws that are in direct opposition to My laws and standards.

While some will imagine that I sanction them in their consenting to and agreeing with murder and mutilation, they are wrong. Men, women and children are obligated to My standards of behavior, not the laws of nations that are in direct violation and rebellion against Me.