Tomorrow’s Sorrows

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be aware that every day people are making choices as to what they want. There are many who choose in opposition to Me, and when they do so, then they are the ones who suffer for the same. That is, the choices they make which are in opposition to Me cause them to suffer acutely, because they make choices today that bring them sorrows tomorrow.

If only people would consider what they do when they choose, then it is possible that they would make their choices more carefully. However, the truth is they do not choose according to wisdom; they choose according to the vanities and the vexations of the world, then reap in sorrow for their foolish choices.

The devil is ever seeking to devour souls, and he knows that if he sends his demons forth to overshadow people, they can be persuaded to make the wrong choices. Those choices will cause them much pain in this life and in the hereafter, because they become everlasting sorrows that are tormenting them throughout eternity, as they will be in hell.

There is no way that I want My people in hell, for I never called them to the same. I have called My people to the way that is My righteousness and holiness. When My united believers trust in Me and walk My way, then they are found pleasing unto Me. I do not find pleasure in the ones who have chosen in opposition to Me and gone a whoring after the ways of the heathen. Such ones will make repeated foolish choices and they will find themselves troubled by those choices.

When people are choosing for sin, they are choosing to self-destruct by sin. It is true that the wages of sin are death, both naturally and spiritually. Do not by any means be giving way to sin, for the same will take your souls to hell and damn you forever. Learn to resist sin in all of its disguises, and by such resistance you will find yourselves being uplifted and brought forth by a plain path. It is not My intention that My people would quickly surrender to sin and the demon powers behind sinful invitations. I want My people to stand strong against the evil powers that want to cause them many agonies, that is, the agonies of the damned.

The more that My people come to understand the power of their choices, the more that they will see how important it is that they make those choices for Me and not against Me. How glad are the ones who are able to choose for Me! By such choices they are uplifted and enabled to give thanks and praise out of a heart that is right towards Me. They will not be living in dread of tomorrow’s sorrows because of foolish choices they have made in their daily lives. The reality of circumstances is that men, women and children are meant to learn the importance of what they choose, who they choose, and when they choose.

Today it is good to choose Me that tomorrow will not be filled with sorrow but rather joy because it is Me you love. Likewise, it is important to choose companions and friends as much as possible who are serving Me with sincerity.

Consider too that if a man is stubborn and calloused against Me and he puts off his salvation to the last minute, he is foolish, because he could have easily died in the years of his stubbornness. There are many reasons that people who are stubborn find to put Me off and go according to their own understanding and not according to My intentions for their lives.

Some people like to play as though they are not comprehending what My Spirit is speaking to them as a justification to keep from obeying Me. These are not only comprehending what My Spirit is speaking but they are willfully rebelling against My purposes for them.

Therefore, know and understand this: you are not meant to walk in defiance; you are meant to walk in compliance with My intentions and desires, for to do so is to be found well pleasing. When you see the ones who are expressing regret over the choices they have made in this life, yet they continue to make such choices over and over, know that they are rebellious and stubborn inside and not willing to comply with Me. Then they experience tomorrow’s sorrows repeatedly because they want things their way, not My way.

If you make the decision to follow in the steps of My Son Jesus, do so without regret nor double-minded wavering. Be straight, be solid in your commitment, that you do not live a double life. I the Living God know full well the extent to which My Son Jesus suffered, and I do not want the mockers and scoffers who pursue their own lusts to be counted worthy of Him; they are not. The ones who are counted worthy will be the united believers who are in alliance with My Spirit and obeying the commands of the same.

It is a great privilege to have your sins forgiven and to know that through Jesus you can be full of His way, which is eternal life. Believe Me that I honor My Son as He honors Me, because He has proven repeatedly that His obedience to Me is and was complete. Ask to be conformed to His image, and put your effort into following in His steps.

When you are doing such things, you will be enabled to participate in the goodness that He gives to His own each day. Don’t let your tomorrows be full of sorrows because you were blinded by the god of this world. Keep your vision single unto the pattern of My Son, for in that way is found joy and gladness.