I speak to you this day and I say that you are not meant to be mastered over by demonic forces. Rather, you are meant to be mastered by Me, for I alone am the One True God whose power and glory remain. Therefore, in this wicked, perverse and vile generation, do not be quick to succumb to the attempts against your spiritual life in Me.

I do not want you to be succumbing to the forces of darkness that are very evident and ever seeking to devour the new life that is given to those who are believing in My Son Jesus. Realize that when you look to Jesus you will understand that He alone is the author and the finisher of your faith, and that as you keep on walking in His steps, so are you uplifted in His way.

There is never any reason to turn to the gods of the heathen and be mastered by them, for they are dumb, they cannot speak, and they are deaf, they cannot hear, nor can they see. Consider when men and women make idols of their cars, trucks or motorcycles. Those things are not alive, nor do they have the truth. They are merely manufactured items that have a limited span of operation and are worn out and rusted as time marches on. Such vehicles may seem the tops for a season. However, as their components wear out, they end in heaps of rubble and are sold off as junk.

It is absolutely stupid what people will choose to allow themselves to be mastered by and think somehow they are wise. Many in these times are being mastered by substances that have no life in them and are basically nothing more than the devil’s tool to bring such ones into captivity.

It was never My intention for people to be mastered by the most foolish and empty of things and think that in the same they are ahead of the game. The reality is that although their thinking is altered by demon forces, they are not as wise as they presume, for they have gone after the bait offered to them and they are as fish who are hooked and cannot set themselves free.

There are likewise vast multitudes who are believing in the powers of earthly nations, and they by the same are laying their lives down in battles that are not necessary. These battles simply increase the revenues of politicians who have engineered the wars whereby youth lose their lives for nothing. The corrupt politicians on the other hand make money off of the bloodshed of the youth who fell for the bait offered to them to do battle.

It is better to resist being coaxed to shed blood and or lose your own lives for the schemes of leaders who make gain off of bloodshed. Do not allow yourselves to be enticed into the offices of recruiters where you will be led in a pathway that will only give you sorrowful memories when it is over or your time in such forces is finished.

Remember that each man or woman who enters into bloodshed will face Me in the end. Of course, such an end will prove to be bitterness and sorrow, for those ones who have chosen to follow after the enticement of recruiters will find themselves mastered by sadness over the deeds they committed in war. Without forgiveness through repentance unto Jesus, many of them carry their sorrows and regrets to the grave after a tormented life on earth. Then, without forgiveness they end in hell to face torments forever, because they took the lives of others who were their supposed enemies.

Better it is to be mastered by My intentions and plans for your lives. When you are willing to allow My Spirit to master over you, then you are given the hope that comes of being in subjectivity to Me, the One who cares for your souls. How much wiser it is to be guided in the reality of My presence than to be mastered by the way that is carnal and ends you in the agonies of the damned!

Consider how much wiser it is to choose according to life rather than death and be devoured and destroyed in the same. Be totally aware that you are not meant to be eaten alive by demon spirits. Rather, you are meant to be uplifted, directed and guided forth, knowing full well that it is Me who mastered you. As you are serving in the attitude of gratitude for your salvation which you have received as the best gift you could ever have, be alert and alive and refusing to be enticed away from My mercy.

It is by mercy that you are enabled to live each day with the same as your covering, as you have chosen to be mastered by Me rather than the world. The world, while it claims to love its own, will likewise bring them to destruction and devastation. I do not intend for you to be enticed by the world. Rather, I call you to be uplifted and shown that through Me you are enabled to partake of continual goodness, for I am the good Master.

There are many who because of disregard and lack of respect for the mercies that I give, have strayed from the life and gone a whoring after death. These ones are dull regarding the actual decisions and choices they are making in their spiritual harlotry. To choose in opposition to Me is to choose to be devoured and likewise set aflame with the fires of lust that only bring degradation and shame, and hell for eternity.

You are not ever intended to be mastered by lust nor any other besetting sin. As My united believers, you are to be thankful to recognize Me as your Master and Lord and to know that My presence is very needful in your lives. Do not be quick to assume that the vanity of the world is of any value. It passes away and is replaced by another vanity, equally foolish and useless. The true cries and needs of humanity are met by Me when they choose to be mastered by Me.