Panic Attack

I speak to you this day, My people, and I say: Be forewarned that the enemy forces are aimed against My people in these times, with the treachery of attempting to get them to have panic attacks. Panic attacks actually end in heart attacks, killing many people prematurely through the demonic force of fear. Be aware that when I am forewarning you through My Spirit, it is that you would not fall prey to the panic attacks being sent by the forces of darkness.

All around the world, many people are being attacked by fear, and the same drives them to panic, which in turn causes their hearts to be overcharged and to give out mentally and physically under the pressure that they are under.

I do not intend for you to be pressured in such a way; I intend that you would listen to and obey the commands of My Spirit that you can find your refuge in Me as the high tower of strength and safety that you can run into and be kept from the forces of destruction that are rampaging in these times. I do not intend for My people to be the objects or subjects of death. I intend for My people to adhere to the mind of My Spirit and to live long and bear much fruit in Me.

Realize that in these times when the threat of nuclear war is at the door, many people throughout the world are living in fear every day. This is because of the fact that world leaders have grown so outrageously proud and sure of their powers that they are threatening each other with nuclear war. While they are so wise in their own eyes, they are fools before Me. I say that they are drunk on pride and assuming that they remain supreme and able to surpass any and all other powers. However, what these drunkards are failing to see is that I reign supreme and that I can cause them to lose their lives right in the midst of their drunken declarations.

I can by My power cause the very panic attacks they have been unleashing through their bragging belligerence to fall on them, and their hearts can fail them through fear. Then, they will be the ones who are falling down dead, because they thought to beset others with the same. I say, when men and women through their pride think to exalt themselves beyond measure, be aware that it is Me who can and will bring them down. Whether they are allowed to go on living or are brought to death even in an instant, do not take on the fear that they want to instill in you.

I say that as My people, it is Me and Me alone that you are meant to fear. When you will keep your vision single unto Me, you will find that I do not let the enemies prevail over you. As you do your part in keeping up the shield of faith, many of their deadly arrows will fall to the ground or be boomeranged back to them. There are many ways that My people are kept as they are faithful to keep steadfast in My Spirit directives.

You as My united believers are accountable to remain in alliance with Me, knowing fully that through My power and glory you can be uplifted to partake of the infinite power and glory that I give to the ones who are true. You don’t need to take on the panic attacks being launched as bombs against the people of these times. Rather, by faith you can turn back those bombs to explode in the enemy camps.

Do not imagine that you need to live in fear of what could happen to you. I do not want you to live in the fears that beset the ungodly day after day. Believe Me that I am well able to make the way for you, to protect you and guide you forth by a plain path. Know of a surety that it is by Me and through Me that My people are being kept. Consider that while the rumors of wars are escalating, you are not meant to let fear grab hold of you, nor to give way to the attacks of panic that are coming in waves.

As you run into Me as your ark of safety, you will be kept and protected from the floods of fear that are causing the death of multitudes. When you will consider what it is that I do for you, you will be enabled to serve each day in the attitude of gratitude because you are rooted and grounded in Me. It is indeed a tragic thing how easily people believe the lies of the liars, yet reject the truth. Those who are believing the lies of the liars are of course subject to the panic, the fear, the anxiety and the worry that come in waves to cause them sore distress, sorrow, and even death.

Choose each day to believe what My Spirit speaks to you, for the same is the way that is life eternal. Realize that you have been given My Holy Spirit to lead and guide you into all truth. Keeping this in mind, be quick to reject the darkness that would seek to beset you, and overcome the same by walking in the brilliance of My light. It is not intended for you to be cast down; it is for you to be uplifted and rejoicing for the truth that is provided for you to walk in.

There are in these times many things to be sad over if you choose to indulge yourselves in such. However, I do not want you to be sad; I want you to be glad that you are redeemed and being fully restored to right standing with Me.

When you see the demonic intention of so many of the world’s forecasters and broadcasters, realize that they gain control by fear, by panic, by spinning a web of helpless despair. Do not be attentive to the spells they attempt to cast over the multitudes, for they themselves are subjects of the devil, and he is not true to his own. He will destroy any and all he can, for he loves to put to death even those who have been his vessels of gloom.