Complaint Department Closed

I speak unto thee this day and I say: Do not start your day with complaining, but rather with the giving of thanks and praise. I say it is Me the Living God who does give you mercy time and again, and it is Me the Living God who does guide you forth by a plain path.

I say, there are many who live in the shallow ditch of complaining and there they remain. I say, the more they complain, the more they are stuck in the mire, and they cannot extract themselves. I the Living God do not call you to be a complainer. I called you to be giving Me thanks and praise. When you will be serving each day in the attitude of gratitude, you will see that I guide you forth.

I do not intend that My own people would be as those in the wilderness, who had complaint, complaint, and complaint against Me, for they did not realize in their stupidity and arrogance that I had delivered them from the slavery that had held them in bondage and was growing daily more severe. But all they could look at was their immediate circumstance and their sore displeasure with the same.

I say this day, be glad that I the Living God do make the way for you, even if you do not understand every turn that you take. Believe, and you will be following the mind of My Spirit and the instructions of the same. I say that you are guided forth in a plain path and given the hope that I alone can bring. I say it is a blessed thing, a good thing to be ever uplifted, to be instructed, to be guided forth. I say it is a blessed thing to know that it is Me that you can look to and believe.

I say this day, do not be made weak and feeble by the circumstances you may find yourselves in, that is, by looking to the circumstances and allowing the enemy to hound you, hound you, and hound you over the same, for you are not meant to be dreading each day, but you are meant to be uplifted, rejoicing in Me. I say that you are meant to be made glad that I am thy resource, thy strength, thy safety, thy shield. I say it is Me the Living God who does purpose you that you could be brought forth ever knowing that I am, so that My own people would be trusting explicitly in Me.

I say, when you look to the circumstances, when you are complaining over the same, when you are dreary and weary, I say, why is it so? I would tell you; it is because you have gotten your eyes off of Me and onto the situations at hand. I say, lift your vision higher; do not be as those who require that others would cater to them. Instead, be willing to be a servant, because I the Living God desire you to learn the same. For I say, how could you be truly serving Me if you have not learned to serve your brothers and sisters, if you have not learned to serve what is that I desire?

I say that I the Living God have intended that My people would come forth knowing that through serving they are learning the way of My kingdom. I say, stop and consider that I sent My Son as the pattern, and even now, when He is back with Me, He is serving you nonetheless, because He is ever interceding that you will come forth in the way that is the pattern He did provide. I say that I the Living God intended that My people would be rejoicing each day. This day, stop and consider what things you have to give thanks to Me for, then do the same.

I the Living God am at this time bringing My wrath, My fury and indignation upon the nation, and I say that it is obvious to all. Therefore, do not come under that wrath by being continual in complaining. Rather, continue in the way that is peaceful with Me by serving in the attitude of gratitude. For I say, when your hearts are humbled before Me, you will see the many good things that I do for you each day.

I say, when others are trembling in fear, when they are overanxious and worried, when they are full of doubt and unbelief, prove to be faithful unto Me by serving Me each day, knowing that I am thy source, thy safety, thy strength. Do not look at the world as it is and say there is no hope, for I say, as long as men and women have breath in their bosoms, there is hope in Me.

Therefore, I say, be united unto Me; be thankful for all of the mercies you receive, even this day. I say, do not look to the world, do not look to the vanity, do not look to the vexation. There are many who are in hell even now because they sought to resolve their issues by turning to the world. I say that is utter stupidity and darkness to turn to the very source, the very source of the devil, and be overwhelmed by the same.

I say that My people are meant to come out of the world and to live and abide in Me. I say that My people are meant to be knowing that through Me they are uplifted, brought forth, guided and uplifted in the strength that I alone do provide. I say, do not be weary in well doing, but continue as the people who are able to give thanks, to give praise, because they are humbly appreciating My mercies unto them.

Today, do not look to be patted on the back for what it is that you are, what it is that you do, but rather look to be judged by Me, for I say it is Me who will give you the reward in the end, if you have served Me in obedience and righteousness. Therefore, I say, let it be Me that you seek to please each moment; let it be Me that you follow after. I say, give thanks, give praise.