Extra Baggage

I speak to you this day and I say: Do not take on yourselves burdens that I do not give for you to carry. There are many who consider themselves pilgrims in this earthly journey who are carrying extra baggage. That is, they are weighed down with things that I do not intend for them. Consequently, because of the extra baggage they are attempting to carry, they are exhausted and clumsy by such baggage.

As My people, be thankful that you are given the burdens you are meant to carry by My Spirit. Pay heed to the same and do not take to yourselves more weight than is necessary. It is senseless to pick up those things that are not given by My Spirit, for when you do, then you are encumbered and unable to cooperate fully with the instructions of My Spirit. In this life here on earth, so many of those who are My people have taken on their pilgrimage too many things, too much stuff, and too many involvements that they cannot fully do as I desire.

Inasmuch as you are to continue steadfast in My way, keep that always in your thoughts and your attention. The devil is very adept at sending along people, places and things to distract you from Me. You are not intended to be distracted. You are intended to be ever attentive to what it is that I desire of you and to do the same.

Be alert to the fact that when you are attentive to the commands of My Spirit, you will not be directed into a ditch. Rather, you will be instructed in the way that is life eternal and given the hope that is found through Me. Be thankful each day that you are being guided forth in the way that is given and that you are by the same saved from being encumbered by extra baggage, because you are directed by My Spirit.

I say to you as My united believers, realize that indeed you are living in perilous times and there are burdens enough that will be given to you by mere existence on this earth. However, as you are continuing steadfast with Me, you will find that I give to you all that you need to be guided in a plain path and kept each day by Me as the author and the finisher.

Do not forget that even though the times may appear to be unbearable, they are not. The more that you stay attuned to My Spirit, the more that you will be uplifted and guided forth in the truth, the light and the way that I have already prepared for you.

Do not take on the burdens for tomorrow and the days thereafter, for to do so is to carry excess baggage and to be encumbered by the same. Reality is that I can and will guide you forth and direct you each day to know of a surety that through Me you are being spared from the cares of this life.

It has never been My intention that My people would get so encumbered by the cares of this life that they would find themselves unable to keep on moving with Me. When you see the ones who are allowing themselves to be ruled by anxiety, worry and fear, know that the demons have encamped against them and bombarded them with such spirits.

As you are serving Me, do so one day at a time. Do not take on the excess baggage that comes with the worries and the fears about tomorrow. Consider how many times My Spirit has led you forth by a plain path and directed you in the everlasting way that is My desire for you to walk in.

Keep clear by being content with whatsoever state you are in, that you do not allow the enemies to vex you with the worries about tomorrow. I do not want you to be troubled. I want you to be content and satisfied in Me, for I do intend for you to be ever guided and directed in the pathway that is My way.

While the world offers “happiness,” the offering of the same is a lie. The world’s way is full of treachery and traps to cause men, women and children to be vexed and tormented by the slightest things and taken afar off from Me. Do not be yielding to the pressures of the world, nor be accepting of the many fantasies that will be offered to you to make you imagine that you are living in paradise. Then the same seducing spirits will crash those who have accepted them to the ground and leave them devastated.

It is senseless to believe in the same world that once held you in the death grips of sin. Why not devote yourselves to believing in Me? Be knowing that I am the One who has given you the chance to live in the life that is only to be gained through My way, which is Jesus Christ. Therefore, be patterning yourselves after Jesus and choosing to walk in His way, for it is the way that is left for you to follow.

There are multitudes who go after the world then claim they are Mine. They are not choosing Me as their first love, and by the same they are found destitute of the truth and carrying excess baggage because they have chosen to believe the lies of the liar.

This day, be glad that you can be dedicated to Me as the One you love. As you serve Me each day in faithfulness, so will you benefit from the same. There are many miracles, many rewards that I will give to the faithful who have obeyed Me with all of their hearts.

I do not call you to be stressed, overwhelmed and overtaken by the extra baggage that takes on many faces. Instead, set your faces as flint to follow My Spirit and be led by the same each day. Realize that each day, as you choose to obey Me and walk in My way, so are you ever strengthened and given My light on the path. Do not pay heed to those spirits that want to weigh you down and take you around and round in the futility of worry. Live free each day rejoicing in Me.