I speak unto thee this day and I say that it is My intention that you would be going forth in the way that I provide. I say that I the Living God do not intend that My people would walk far off from Me. But I say that I intend that My people would be coming forth knowing that through Me they are given the hope, they are given the truth, and they are given the light, for indeed you are privileged when you walk uprightly in the way that I intend. I say that I do not call you to walk in a way that is far from Me. I call you to come forth knowing that I am the triumphant, that I am the glorious, that I am the One True God.

Now I say that there are many in these times who give themselves up to the spirits of the world, and I say they are willing to quit, they are willing to fall away from Me. Yet I say that they continue in the way of the world without any qualms, and I say that it is a grief unto Me, because they are walking afar off from My intention.

I say this day, pay attention to My intention, for when you are paying heed to My intention for your lives, then you will be uplifted and strengthened in the power that I provide. But I say, when you are choosing to be losing by paying heed to the world, you are a grief and a sorrow unto Me.

I say that I the Living God desire My people to be keeping themselves unspotted from the world. That is, I desire that they would be coming forth knowing that by Me they are kept each day, for when you will look to Me as the author and the finisher, when you will be partaking of the truth of who I am, then of course you are uplifted and purposed in My intention for you.

When I created man and I created woman, it was that they would be used for My purpose, My intention. It was that they would be in communication with Me. But I say, because they paid heed to the wicked one and listened to his words and obeyed the same above My commands, they came under his continual demand. That is, they were banished from My presence. They were put in a place whereby they were ruled by the wicked one rather than Me.

I say, those who are choosing to be losing or choosing the rule of the world, they are choosing the rule of the wicked forces rather than My rule over them. I say that they will pay for their choices, for I the Living God am just in all of My judgments.

I say, in the beginning when Adam and Eve were brought forth by My spoken word, they were given the truth and I desired they would walk in the same. But because they turned aside from listening to Me to listening to the wicked one, what did they do? I say, they took themselves down into the mire, they took themselves into the corruption, they took themselves into that which I did not intend for them. The consequence is, because of their choosing, they were losing out with Me.

I say, be thankful each day when I the Living God do direct you forth by a plain path. I say that I will give to you the directions, the corrections through My Spirit each day that you have need of. I say, why do you take the time to pay heed to the news of the world but you do not take the time to pay heed to Me?

Indeed, it is a sorrowful thing for My people to turn to the world to get their advice, to get their counsel, to get their news. I say, each day give it your intention, your attention that you pay heed to Me and not to the world, for the more you are listening to hear what My Spirit will speak, the closer you will draw unto Me.

I say that there are many who have chosen to walk in the worldliness, to walk in the vileness, to walk in the corruption that is so rampant in these times. Because of their choices, they are losing. Because of their intentions, they are finding themselves in a pit of their own making.

I say it is imperative that you choose each day to pay heed to the voice of My Spirit and obey the same. There are multitudes in these times who walk in weariness, who walk in dreariness, who have no hope at all. I say they have refused the invitations of My Spirit to come unto Jesus as Savior and Lord. Because they have chosen those things that are ugliness, because they have chosen those things that I did not intend, they do not walk in the way that is purposed for them to walk in.

Do not be hasty to follow after the world and the notions of the same. Do not be quick to respond to the devil when he gives you enticements and encouragements to choose his way. I say that My people are not meant to be giving their ear to the devil. They are not meant to be giving their lives to his intentions. They are meant to be keeping themselves unspotted from the world, and they are meant to be rebuking, refuting and refusing the works of the wicked one that would try to bring them into captivity and bondage.

I say this day, do not be found in captivity and bondage. Be found in the freedom that I provide, for indeed, when you keep your eyes upon Me, then you will be purposed in Me, you will be directed, corrected and instructed each day. I say, count it a privilege to know that I am who I say that I am, and I say even now, come forth rejoicing that it is Me the Living God who does purpose you to be kept in the truth, the light, the strength, the power and the glory of who I am.

I say, do not take up any other god; do not believe in the lies of the world and the wicked spirits that are inherent in the same. Believe upon Me as thy Maker, thy Savior, thy King and thy God. I say, be thankful to be among the redeemed. Be thankful to be guided in light. Praise and thank Me that I am thy source, that I am thy God and thy strength.