Born for War

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be thankful that you have been born for My intentions, and those are intense and important. I do not ordain My people to be born for their own desires. I intend them to be born for My purpose, which is the war for souls. I sent My Son Jesus into the world, and He walked among the people, declaring My kingdom. Wherever He went, there were those who were warring against Him and the message that He came to deliver to those who encountered Him.

The multitudes oftentimes responded favorably to His call to repentance. He performed miracles by the power of the Holy Spirit in their midst, demonstrating the Higher kingdom wherein I abide. He said of His own words that He did not come to bring peace. He declared there would be those even of the same families who would be at war one with another because of His presence in the lives of those who chose to believe in Him.

Throughout the history of those who chose to follow Jesus as their Savior and Lord, multitudes have realized that when they became born again, they were born for war. This proved and still proves to be true, for most new believers are opposed by their families, friends, and acquaintances of their former lives. The old associates wonder why these ones do not want to be in the same relationships they formerly were in with them.

By such trying of their faith, the new believers are in war, as they have been born into the same. It is the intention of the old associates to drag them out of the new life and take them back into the old lifestyles they were in before being born again. These old associates are manifestations of how closely the carnal nature works with the devil and his demons to win the war against the new believers who want to stay true to their commitment to My Son Jesus.

Keep in mind that to be born again is to come into the fierce battle that is daily being waged by the spirits of darkness sent to destroy the new believers who are starting out in their journey with the Master. How little do these babes in Christ understand how much the devil and his forces of wickedness will war against them as they continue steadfast in the way that the Spirit will lead them!

Consider that Jesus, when He was tempted by the devil in the wilderness, refused to listen to the devil’s enticements and invitations to Him. Instead, He kept up His guard and refused to accept any of the devil’s words to Him to get Him to betray Me and My purpose for Him on earth. Instead, Jesus kept His heart right with Me and continued in the battle to see souls repent and come back to right standing with Me by turning from wickedness and returning unto Me as their Father.

It has never been intended by Me that people would go after the stupidity of the devil’s overtures to them. Just as Jesus refused the wicked one, those who are true to Me must do the same. It is stupidity to imagine that anyone who truly loves Me is free from the battle, for the war is constant for their own souls and the souls of others.

It is definitely not My intention that many would turn back because of persecution, prosecution and imprisonment. My desire is that those who are united believers would stay in the war even unto death if need be. This is because My true ones are not to love themselves first. They are to love My Son, Myself, and the Holy Spirit.

Be totally aware that through Me you are being directed, guided, and given the strength to continue in the battle. Even if you experience battle fatigue, remember it is Me the Living God who will send My Spirit to refresh and replenish you. Be thankful that you can know that I am the Omnipresent and that when you cry out to Me, you will definitely be heard. You are not alone, for you have My Spirit constantly with you to guide you forth in the way of My strategies, whereby you can keep going onward in the intensity of war without turning back from the same.

There are multitudes who are in hell because they chose to run from the battle, and in so choosing they ran into the arms of the devil and his demons. Those forces of wickedness led them into defeat, discouragement, disappointment, despair and death. They did not repent, and because of the same they ended in hell and there they remain under the torments of the damned, because they were deserters in the war for souls.

Thank Me that you do not have to be deserters. Rather, you can continue for the very reason you were born, to be warriors in the war for souls and to please Me by continuing. The more that you will continue, the more that you will see, understand and realize that it is imperative that the battle be won rather than lost.

If you knew the number of souls who are daily being taken into hell, you would know that to go in any other way than the way that I intend, is spiritual sloth. I do not find pleasure in the ones who are slothful. I find joy in the diligent. The more that you keep your focus upon the leading of My Spirit, the more on target you will be in the battle at hand.

When you hear the braggarts who are lazy and unwilling to remain steadfast, you see how really foolish they are, for while they boast of their own greatness, they are refusing to enter into the war they were born for. The battle is not carnal. It is with the forces of darkness seeking to devour.