Wicked Rebels, Return to God!

I speak unto you this day and I say that I know the actions of those who are claiming to be Mine, yet they are not consulting Me. Instead, they run to the world and seek their counsel, and pay them highly for the same. I do not want My people to ask counsel of the world. I want them to seek their counsel of Me. It is Me who has established My people that they would love and serve Me with all of their hearts.

I see their rebellion and their hatred for My way. In the same they are not well pleasing unto Me. However, because they are My people, I chastise them that they would see the error of their ways and return to Me as their God, the One who created them and set them apart to be Mine.

There are multitudes in these times who are full of rebellion towards Me because they are so busy comingling with the world. In their daily activities, they pursue the world and take on the attributes of the same. Such behaviors as they are manifesting are a shame to Me, and of course, I am grieved with them.

In these current times, you will see the multitudes go after the foolishness, the vanity, the darkness of the world. I do not want My people to follow such ways. I want them to follow Me, for I am indeed their God, their refuge, and the One they are meant to represent in a sin-sick, perverted and twisted world. When you look upon the ones who are so wise in their own conceits, realize that they are a pain to Me.

In their troublesome manners of behavior, they have gone a whoring after the ways that are darkness and rebellion. Such behaviors as they are manifesting are showing that their hearts are hard towards Me and their ways are careless. You are not meant to be careless and lawless as they are. You are meant to be walking uprightly and going in the way that I do intend and provide.

Therefore, do not be found in the foolery, the vanity and the vexation that is being demonstrated in these times by such ones who are rebellious against Me and the way that I have intended for them. Realize how vitally important it is that you walk uprightly with Me and remain serving Me with gladness and rejoicing each day, because I am the One who extends mercy.

I do not want to punish the united believers who are in alliance with Me. I want to bless them with My goodness as they follow the guidance and counsel of My Spirit. It is important that you seek your counsel of Me through My Spirit, for the counsel of the world is faulty and will lead you into the vanity and vexation which I do not intend for you to walk in. The world’s ways are empty and filled with darkness and destitution of soul. Be aware that to pursue the world is to take yourselves far from Me and to be found displeasing unto Me.

There are many unnecessary sufferings that My people undergo because they do not seek Me, nor do they stay in tune with My guidance. Instead, they love to wallow in the wickedness of the world, then claim they have done no evil. How dumb they are to believe that I do not see their inward and outward wicked rebellion towards Me.

There are multitudes who live in estrangement from Me because they have gone after the vanity and stupidity of the world’s ways rather than pursuing My way and being made glad for the same. Over and over, their lives are full of frustration because they have chosen deviation from My intentions for them.

It is really senseless to pursue the course of wickedness and rebellion against Me. The same invites multiplied sorrows and frustrations to all of those who are pursuing the way that brings death. It is a shame when people are choosing the way of their own destruction and imagining themselves to be wise in their own conceit.

When you are adhering unto the Holy Spirit directives given to you, the pathway you will be directed in is the path that leads to life eternal in Me. Thank Me that you can be continuing to love, to believe, to trust, for indeed I show you I am the One True God and the gods of the heathen are false.

So many in these times are wickedly rebellious, yet in their own eyes they are justified in their spiritual harlotry. However, they are deceived and deceiving others, because I do not approve them in their sins. If only people would consider how important their everyday choices really are. Then they would not be so quick to estrange themselves from Me.

In hell are found countless people who chose to oppose Me and go after the pleasures of sin for a season. Then the season turned into a lifetime, and they became bound in the sins that damned their souls. It has never been My intention that men, women and children would be forever bound in sin. It has been My intention that they would be released from sin.

Each day, make it your choice to live for Me, to please Me, and to obey the commands given to you by the Holy Spirit. The reality is that each person makes their own choices in reference to where they will spend eternity. Those who are choosing to live for Me will be given the rewards of the righteous, because they are doing as I desire of them.

It is My desire to have a people who are united believers, who are adhering to the way that is meant to bring forth the abundance of goodness I delight to give to My people. How pleasing it is to Me when My people choose for obedience and eternal life rather than behaving themselves as wicked rebels headed to hell. Resolve it within yourselves to choose for life forever in Me.