Are You Frozen or Chosen?

I speak unto you this day and I ask you: What is it that you want? To be frozen or chosen by Me? There are multitudes who are literally frozen in time, which means that they are still acting as though they are teenagers or early twenties, when they have passed far beyond such an age. They do not look to anything other than the idol of self that they have established in their hearts, and they consider the same to be forever. Because of their vain imaginations as to how great they think they are, they remain frozen in time.

Such ones as these cannot be chosen for My intentions, because they are lovers of their own selves. They do not love Me as their Master and Ruler. Because of self-love and idolatry, they cannot be of use in My kingdom, nor do I intend or expect them to be useful for the same.

The ones who are useful to Me are the ones who will make progress in their lives because they are cleaving to Me and not their own self-image. They are willing to be yielded to the commands of My Spirit, and by the same prove to be useful for My purposes rather than useless.

How many do you see each day who are locked into the image of themselves that is no longer current and do not care because they are frozen in time?

Be thankful each day that you have been chosen by Me and are useful for My kingdom, which is constantly moving My people onward in the direction given by My Spirit for them to walk in. You are not by any means meant to be the victims of time freeze. Instead, you are meant to continue in the pathway that I have chosen for you.

When I the Living God do choose a man, a woman or even a child, that is not something to be taken lightly. Instead, it is a great privilege to be called and chosen for My purposes. Far too many do not advance in life, nor do they mature, and they are incapable of bearing adult responsibilities, because of what they have chosen deep in their hearts and in their minds.

My true people will follow Me wheresoever I lead, because they are desiring My hand to be upon them. These ones are united believers who are so allied with My Spirit that they will readily obey the commands given to them, which take them forward in the way that is My intention for them. It is and always has been My desire for My people to love My way more than their own way. The way of humanity is death because of their fallen state. The way that I give is eternal life.

Be thankful that you do not need to live in estrangement from Me, but that you can come forth ever rejoicing in Me, for I am the One who does care for you and wants to see you ever being guided forth in the way that is life, love and light. Do not be quick to listen to the frozen self-idolaters who want to take you into the childish captivity that they are trapped in.

To turn back to such a lifestyle, after you have tasted of the mature union you are meant to have with Me, is absolute foolishness. I do not want My united believers to take up foolishness, for they are called to be examples of the joy that comes of true alliance with Me.

When you realize that far too many have chosen to love themselves above Me, why is it so? It is because they are full of the vanities of their youth and are unwilling to forsake the same. When people make an idol of any stage of development, they are stupid to do so. You are meant to be serving Me as the One True God and not yielding yourselves to idolatry of self.

The god of self is a mockery, and to be locked into such a god is limiting and demeaning. This is because the god of self is foolish and is never able to be satisfied. It is restless, childish and demanding. No matter how much you see them try to recapture the image of themselves in their imagined glory, they cannot, for the same is an illusion.

I do not want you to live in illusion or delusion. I want you to live in Me and the power of My presence at all times. Be thankful even this day that through Me you are being shown the power, the glory, and the life that I give as My reward to the faithful who are true to Me and refusing all idolatry. It proves to be disappointing to Me when any people will worship who and what they think they are.

I did not create humankind for them to be self-centered, self-worshiping, self-indulgent children. I created them in Our image that We could have fellowship with them. However, those who are choosing to remain as children are openly displaying who they love and who they serve.

There are many in these times who claim they love Me. However, they do not love Me at all. This is because they are behaving themselves in ways that are so immature and childish, and they are showing that they cannot be chosen, because they are frozen by their own choices and behaviors.

Do not freeze to remain as you please. Die out to who and what you think you are or what you imagine you have been. Come forth in the way that My Spirit leads and guides so you are not left in the isolation, the desolation, the desperation that comes of one’s own choices.

Let it be Me that you are serving in the attitude of gratitude each day, because you choose Me as your Lord and Master and want to be used by Me. Remember that in order to be used by Me, you cannot remain frozen, if you want to be chosen. Abandon the image of the glorious you. As the chosen, receive the goodness I give.