Greed or Need?

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be aware that greed is an ungodly ugly force that drives men, women and children. It is not intended that My people would be greedy for the things of this world and ever lusting for those things that will harm them both naturally and spiritually. I want My people to be aware of the power of greed and what it will do to their lives.

I made ancient Israel aware of the fact when I instructed them to refuse to covet the things that belonged to their neighbors. This I did to keep them from giving way to greed and the sorrows and shames of the same. I do not want My people in these times to be full of covetous lust for the things of the world, nor giving themselves to bitter envying because of greed.

Greed for the most part is destructive rather than constructive, as it brings with it many troubles and disappointments that are not necessary to partake of. When people are partaking of those things that are of the world, they are being stimulated continually to covet what they do not have and by the same be driven to lust. Multitudes expend themselves on the treadmill of slavery to working more hours than is healthy, in order to gain the riches that they imagine they should have.

Some are slaves to buying homes. Their mortgage payments weigh them down and cause them sore distress. They have no time for anything, not even their own children. The children are left to be raised by the public schools and the internet. Personal relationships become a matter of material buy offs, as guilt-ridden parents strive to “buy off” their neglected children. The children become more and more incapable of truly loving and caring for parents they hardly ever see.

Other people give way to greed in the form of carnal lusts, which become habits that rule their lives. They ruin relationships with others who do not have the same unbridled lust for such addictions. Then the children born of such relationships are subject to fighting, disputing, arguing and abandonment.

Again, greed has become the ruler, and slavery is the consequence of addictions that cannot be stopped by human efforts. Those who have taken this pathway have lives filled with hardship, pain, loss, sorrow, and early, untimely death. Then, because of their folly, they end in hell forever, damned because of the power of greed.

I do not want My people to imagine that they don’t have enough, as I will always give to My people such as they need. When My people are thankful for what I provide, their eyes are opened to see the sadness of those who have allowed greed to captivate them. Why should you covet what you do not have when I do provide for you all that you need in every circumstance and situation? It is not meant for you to be dissatisfied and complaining when I am abundant in My provision to those who will cleave to Me and give Me thanks.

Consider if there is a shortage and I supply you with what the heathen do not have, that is done by My mercy, not your own abilities. Be aware that as you are thankful unto Me, you will find that I give to you exactly what you have need of, and such is enough.

Whenever My people die, they cannot take their material acquisitions and treasures with them. They will come and stand before Me and be shown their eternal destiny, and what treasures they may have are relative to their relationships here on earth. If they appreciated what I gave and likewise obeyed the commands of My Spirit, they will have treasure in heaven. If they chose to disobey and do as they wanted, they will not have treasure in heaven, for they sowed to the wind.

In the times you are living in, many have misled My people because of their own lustful desires. They have told My people falsity and taught them to treasure vanity. Consequently, these false teachers have become rich by the lies they have fed to those of My people who likewise were greedy for gain in this present world.

Do not lay your lives down for the treasures that make themselves wings. Realize that I intend for you to have your treasure in the bank of heaven, where no one can see what you have and attempt to kill you to gain your treasures because of their greed.

There are multitudes who have allowed themselves to be swayed away from Me and the treasures I give, because they have chosen to abandon My way to go after the way of demons. They are never able to find satisfaction in any of the treasures they accumulate by their greed. This is because the only way to find true satisfaction is to be aware that My treasures are what really matter.

As you are aware of the ugliness of greed, you will find yourselves being more and more content with what you need. When you can be trusted by Me that you will not hog to yourselves all that I give, then you will be used to give to others as I ordain you to do.

It is actually a great honor when you are enabled by Me to give to others in need because you have learned to harness greed and not be ruled by such a motivation. Whenever you see greed rising up within your old nature, refuse, rebuke and refute the same. Remember you are not meant to be lusting. You are meant to be trusting in Me that I am your provider, your source, and your strength.

Be thankful that through Me the abundance of My mercies is given when you have need of the same, and despite the flamboyance of those who are greedy, they will howl to the wind, for they have sown to death rather than life. Thank Me that I supply need, not greed!