Prepared for Punishment

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who sees the evil of all nations, tribes and peoples upon this earth. Know that I do repay to them all the evil they have done in My sight. Therefore, do not ever doubt that I know who they are and what they do that causes troubles aplenty, and are a grief to Me.

It is Me who raises nations up and brings them down. Do not think that any nation is too great or too strong to be brought down by Me. It is Me the Living God who reigns supreme, and those who worship and serve Me will receive My mercy.

Those who reject My standard will be found under My impending judgments because they are living in debauchery and defilement. I let the wicked fill up their cups, then they are prepared for My punishments which I send to them in the form of wrath revealed. I take the time that is necessary to give all of those who are in rebellion the opportunity to repent of their evil ways. However, when they do not, then know that My wrath is brought upon them and My fury is revealed.

When I the Living God do bring down My wrath, fury and indignation, there is no power of man than can stop the same. I send much tribulation to those who have imagined themselves to be something that they are not. Pride causes much punishment to be brought to the sons of men, and they are always a grief to Me because when they are locked into men, they have contempt for Me and the way that I intend for people to walk in. Because they have allowed themselves to be under the covering of pride, they are full of their own understanding and reject the humble mind that I intended for people to walk by.

There are many, many nations that once were that are no more, because I let them run their course of wickedness, then I punished them and they are gone. While they were proud, they thought they were so clever and far superior to Me, the One who created all peoples. In their smug and arrogant attitudes, they took themselves into the abyss from which they will never rise again no matter how much they sputter and spew. These nations underwent the woes and agonies of the damned and are sealed in hell forever.

When I say that the nations are a mere drop in the bucket before Me, know that it is true. Be sensible about what you choose, when and why. As you keep yourselves in sensitivity to My direction, correction and instruction, there is no good thing withheld from you.

When you see the ones who are in proud array, strutting as though there is no tomorrow, know that such kingdoms do not remain forever. This is because when I declare that their preparation for punishment has finished, then I strike and they are remembered no more.

There have been major discoveries regarding civilizations that have been lost for centuries and some which were never even heard of. These were those nations, tribes and peoples who saw themselves as the ones who could not be brought down nor conquered, and yet they were. Believe Me when I say that vengeance belongs to Me and I will repay all who assume themselves to be greater than any force and totally invincible and everlasting.

Consider, when I sent My people into the land of Canaan under the guidance of Joshua, it was to deal out to those who had been prepared for the punishment that was given to them through the hands of My conquering army. The nations brought down were full of wickedness, and evil practices were their way of life. However, when it came time for them to be eradicated, it was by My anointing over My own army that they were brought down to ruination and devastation.

Of course, My people were able to collect the spoils when I permitted them to do so, and they took for themselves the lands prepared by those who were destroyed. If you consider the number of nations that come and go in these times, destruction is ever present because of the wickedness of the multitudes who are in opposition to My intentions and walking according to demonic control.

I never intended that My people would ever take on the ways of the heathen who were round about them and do the deeds of wickedness that the heathen participated in. I wanted My people to keep themselves for Me so that I could bless them in the land of promise and live their lives in divine harmony. Inasmuch as I am the God of goodness, there is much that I have prepared for the ones who stay true to Me.

Therefore, keep yourselves for Me and do not yield your members to sin, nor worship false gods. Remember that the gods of the heathen are dumb idols and they cannot do anything for their followers. Those who worship idols are dumb. Idols cannot hear, nor can they speak, nor can they provide the abundance that is found only in Me.

There are in these times many nations that have been in preparation for punishment, and they will receive their just rewards, for I shall unleash upon them what they deserve. These peoples and leaders may cry to their idols but they are crying out in vain and their idols cannot protect nor keep them.

It is Me the Living God who will not cease to pour forth vengeance in order to utterly destroy those contaminating forces of evil so deeply ingrown into certain nations, tribes and peoples. Thank Me you are prepared for mercy.