Beware Bitterness

I speak to you this day and I say: Beware bitterness, for the same is highly destructive and can cause and has caused the destruction of many souls. Never have I intended for My people to allow the root of bitterness to dwell in them and destroy them as well as cause harm to many others. Those who are readily yielding to bitterness are literally allowing themselves to be engulfed in self-pity and anger.

Be aware that to pursue the course of bitterness is to please the devil and his demons. Multitudes have gone after bitterness only to perish by the same. If you truly consider the end of bitterness, it is ugly, cruel and lonely. This is why I desire that My people would make it their practice to adhere to forgiveness and not yield to bitterness. When people are forgiving one another, then I am forgiving them.

It is likewise important that those who are following in the steps of Jesus follow Him to the point of forgiving those who have done them wrong. The united believers who love Me will find themselves repeatedly done wrong by the world and even the religious, this because they hate Jesus and they hated Me because I sent Him to expose them in their sins.

It is not My desire My people would lock up in bitterness because of what they suffer for their identity with Jesus. It is My intention that they would continue steadfast in the course of righteousness and persist in following after Jesus as the One they love and want to please.

Be thankful this day that you can adhere to Me and walk in the way provided at all times. The world is full of bitterness, and many who are in the world are transmitters of bitterness. When pride is offended, multitudes grow angry and bitter and refuse to forgive or forget the evils that they have suffered.

However, what the world’s people fail to realize is that when people are not wanting to forgive others, they are taking up the course that causes them inward pain. The pain of bitterness goes deep and causes many problems that become visible in relationships, interactions, and even physical and mental health.

There are many who are eager to walk with one another when they have not experienced the pain of rejection, slander, persecution and prosecution. However, those who have turned aside are running from the course that is intended for the true followers of My Son Jesus. Then such ones often will rise up as the critics and think that they are the self-appointed judges of those who remain true. This is because they are not willing to suffer for identity with Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Because of their choices, they become self-appointed judges of others and they are bitter towards Me in their hearts because they refuse true identity with the sufferings of My Son Jesus. In such a condition, no matter how smug they may appear, they are foolish because they prefer the bitterness of self-righteousness above the sweetness of surrender and abandonment to the way that I have ordained.

Their fruit is bitter and they transmit the same to others, because they refuse to come into the maturity that I want to see in those who claiming the Name of My Son Jesus. Because of the hardness of their hearts, they seek more and more to inwardly and outwardly not identify with the sufferings of the Savior. They overlook the humility with distaste and revulsion, because they want the so-called Christian walk to be full of falsity and vanity, because they are fakers themselves.

Do not by any means think that their expectations are from Me. They are not, because they are self-lovers and self-servers who are only looking for their own gratification. When those who are adhering to the truth and proclaiming the truth refuse to bow to the expectations of those who are false, such become increasingly more and more bitter and set themselves up to oppose those who are true.

Be fully aware of the hard fact that bitterness is a killer, and those who are going into bitterness are going into the way of the damned. As My united believers, be alert to all signs of bitterness that want to creep in on you and take control of your lives.

You are not to become vessels of dishonor as some have become and be usable for nothing but that which is garbage. Rather, you are meant to be fully accepting of the calling that I have put upon you and to walk in the same, continuing to respect and honor the Savior for the forgiveness you have received in and through Him.

Remember it is a good thing to know that My way is the Way beautiful, for it is the way that is in the footsteps of Jesus, and the way of the prophets who were before Him. As those who are meant to declare what My Spirit is speaking to you, do not be afraid of those who come on to you only to criticize you for the truth. If they are walking in bitterness and jealousy, they are far from Me. Then they want to seduce others into the same trap that they themselves are in and keep them there.

Be serving each day in the attitude of gratitude because you have been privileged to receive the words spoken by My Spirit and to know that if you are in obedience to the same, then are you found well pleasing. So many are pretenders and hypocrites, because they love and make a lie and act as though they are loving Jesus when it is themselves they love.