Clean or Unclean?

I speak unto you this day and I say that you are living in times when the majority of people are full of the leprosy of sin which spreads throughout the populations of various lands and nations. I absolutely do not find pleasure in those who are full of all manner of sin, and the filthiness of the same is spreading to others and infecting them.

In the days of My people of old, the disease of leprosy was considered to be very infectious, and those who had the same were taken into isolation from others to see how serious their disease really was. It was the high priest who determined whether or not the person could return to the general population after a certain number of days being isolated from others in the community of My people. This was done in order to help the person who had the disease and to keep others from serious infection if the person with the disease was in need of assistance.

It has always been My principle to isolate those who are infectious, that others are not likewise contaminated with the same disease and becoming sick by the same. As is obvious in these times, sin is no longer regarded as a deadly disease, and because of that many become infected with sin and likewise die, for the wages of sin are death and will always remain so.

Therefore, be aware that because of the failure to isolate sin and the disease of the same, many have died of sin diseases and are in hell because of the same. They likewise spread their malignancy to others before they die, and so now those who are likewise infected are spreading their diseases to others.

Because of the permissiveness of this age towards sin and those involved in the same, multitudes are dying each day and being devoured by the sins so rampant in these times. The culture has become so sin crazed that the ways that are sensible are cast off and the ways of foolishness are the norm. The world literally, because of demonic infestation, has become totally upside down and ruled by forces of insanity and stupidity.

While it is that men imagine themselves to be so wise, they are foolish, for they are following after the forces that are destining them for destruction. In so doing, they are on the course of no return, whereby they become increasingly more contaminated by the sins they are guilty of. Such behaviors as they move in are abomination, and they are headed for their own damnation. Therefore, do not think that those who are promoting their own agendas are wise when what they are promoting is demonically inspired. When continual, overt sin is present and people are consumed of the same, do not expect to find true wisdom.

The truth is that when people depart from My way they become unclean by their actions, by their attitudes, and by their ambitions. Those who are running with the world are of course tainted by the same and they are taken into the place of no return as their sins increase.

I have intended that people would walk in cleanliness and holiness before Me, yet they do not. They are walking in a way that is totally filthy, then assuming they have done no evil. However, consider that My Son, who is your High Priest, does see all of the filthiness and disease they are in, and He offers to them salvation mercies whereby they can repent and be restored to life.

When people are accepting of the way that is Jesus, then they are cleansed by His blood and accepted in the company of the redeemed. When they are estranged from Me by sin, then they are in the company of the damned.

It is senseless to live your lives on earth as those who are destined for damnation when you are given the opportunity to live in the beauties of salvation. Do not be as the dull, the dumb, who are diseased by their own choices and suffer acutely in this life because of their sins, then face hell in the end.

I desire to see My people ever brought forth in the newness of life that I have for them, and enabled to live an abundant life, both here and in the life to come, because they are made clean. When those who are Mine stay true to My standard, then they are being kept, guided and protected, because they are following the mind of My Spirit.

Be serving each day in the attitude of gratitude, for the same is necessary to be kept from the uncleanness that is so evident in these sin-sick times. The more that you aspire to be pleasing to Me, the more that you will see that through Me you are shown the way that is life eternal.

It is My intention that My people would be glad for My mercies and coming forth each day in thanksgiving for the same. Do not suppose that you should go after the vanities of the world, not in any disguise, for to do so takes you into the uncleanness of the same and exposes you to the sin diseases.

The intention I have for you is to pursue the course of My righteousness and to be glad that you do not need any other god, nor do you need to partake of the sins that so easily can beset you. When you see the slightest possibility of sin encroaching in your lives, repent and return wholeheartedly to Me, knowing that I am indeed the One you are meant to serve with all of your hearts and lives.

Keep yourselves clean from the filthiness of sin, for to do so will cause you to be well pleasing. I do not desire My people to partake of the world’s ways, for they are meant to be separated from the same. Through My Son you can continually be clean and able to dwell in divine unity.