Tamper Proof

I speak unto you this day and I say that I do not want men and women to tamper with My Word and alter the meaning of the same. Those who set themselves up as experts are truly an offense to Me, because they are believing in themselves rather than Me. Such ones as these are a grief to Me, because when anyone is believing in their own capabilities above Me, they are full of pride and vain imagination as to their own worth.

When I have and still continue to speak forth to humanity, I do so through My true prophets, who will declare what I have spoken to them in all honesty and integrity. They do not abandon what I have intended for them to go after the way of fools and be overwhelmed in the same. These I honor, for I feed them with the messages that I intend for men, women and children of any generation to receive.

I do not find joy in those who believe in their own abilities and do not believe in what I have for them. When you see the ones who are in pride rather than humility, know that pride is abomination to Me and that because of that pride, they walk in a way that I never intended for them. This day, be looking to Me as the author and the finisher, the beginning and the end, and be knowing that there is no good thing that I withhold from you as you maintain integrity of relationship with Me.

Those who think somehow that they will “make it big” by taking My gifts and using the same to their own advantage are playing with fire, because they could well receive curses on their lives for their dishonesty towards Me. I do not want men and women to be setting themselves up as directors and producers of that which I intend to be given freely. It has never been My intention that people would usurp the glory that belongs to Me and make gain off the same.

Those who are taking the glory that belongs to Me are fools, for they are making assumptions that are false and literally tampering with that which is not meant to be altered by men. If I wanted men to be in charge, I would make it clear that such was My intention. Because of the desire for control that is inherent in the human nature, many have “taken control” only to invite to themselves curses in this life and hell in the life to come.

So many love religion and seek for the power of controlling others. However, they do not love the mind of My Spirit which I intend for all who are professing My Son as their Savior to believe in. Do not by any means go after the stupidity of control, for the same blinds men and women and they are not walking in subjectivity to the mind of My Spirit.

When the institution of religion came into being, people stopped seeking for relationship with Me and became content to simply adhere to rituals and by the same assume they were okay with Me. However, those who instituted the business of religion did so for their own gain and fame. It was literally their way of gaining control and dictating to people what to believe. No longer was I the Living God in control, but they had grabbed the reins and were leading the way to religious pride, spiritual laziness, and rote rituals that had no effect or heart meaning to most followers.

This became more and more widespread throughout the centuries, and many of those who were truly hungry for Me were taken in the course of torture, torment and death. It was by the unholy religious leaders who despised those who wanted relationship with My Son rather than religion. Such as they were, I found them to be totally repulsive, for they put to death the ones who were so hungry for reality in Me.

There are many woes that befall the ones who tamper with My Words and take the glory to themselves. Those who are altering My Word in order to please people are a shame to My Name. Likewise, those who are claiming themselves to be apostles or prophets and they have not been appointed to such positions by Me are false, for they make lies to gain control over others.

My Word is meant to be given as it is received, literally tamper proof, and My true messengers will do the same. Consider My Son Jesus. He did not alter nor tamper with the truth in order to “gain followers” or “make a name for Himself.” Not one time did He draw attention to Himself as the Almighty. When people praised Him, He pointed them to Me.

He kept His integrity with Me even to the point of laying His life down before the ones who desired Him dead. This He did in obedience unto Me. Because He completed His course in obedience and sacrifice, He gained what I had intended for Him, and by the same He was made both Lord and Christ. By My divine edict, He has been crowned the King of kings, making Him more powerful than any earthly power.

So it is, that those who follow Jesus must indeed walk in integrity and honesty and not seek to gain control nor fame, but only to honor His Name and be pleasing to Me. How foolish are those who allow themselves to be pressured by the devil into altering, tampering and softening what I say through My spoken Word in order to please people.

Look at the condition of those who are professing to love Me. They are loving people and the praise they receive from them when they are deceitful in their profession of what I am saying. Today’s so-called Christians are weak and feeble, unable to stand. It is My united believers who are in alliance with My Spirit who will stand.