Feast of Fools

I speak unto you this day and I say that I do not want My people to partake of the feast of fools which is commonplace in these times. It has never been My intention that My people would be partaking of those things that are wicked, vile, corrupt and insane. These are times when the multitudes are daily participating in, partaking of, and indulging in the feast of fools as though there is no tomorrow.

In such wickedness, they are being filled with all manner of abomination and deadly motivation that the devil has set for them. Of course, the end of those who partake of the feast of fools will be death and then hell forever. Therefore, it is by the work of demon forces that people participating and partaking of the feast of fools are driven by demons to do things that are the consequence of their demonically altered outlook and understanding. They are operating according to the dictates of demons and by the same are found guilty before Me of gross atrocities.

There is no way that I intend for My people to be participating in such practices, and this is why I give them warning to stay away from the same. Be aware that in this wicked, perverse, and corrupted generation, those who are involved in the feast of fools are being completely deceived and transformed into the image of evil rather than the image of good. This is why I am warning the ones who are Mine to stay away from those things that are indeed so evil.

Consider carefully, those of you who are My people. It is Me the Living God you are meant to seek to please and obey. You are not meant to be involving yourselves in the total corruption that is so obvious to any and all who are under My Spirit. I have given you My Spirit that you are aware of the wickedness that is ever being promoted through the world’s workers of iniquity and darkness. When My people are participating of the feast of fools, they are sinning against Me and become a shame to My Name.

In these times of uncertainty, those who should be crying out to Me as their Lord and Savior are literally calling out to the world and by the same are dull and dumb. Why should My people call out to the world to take on the foolishness and stupidity of the same? When they do such, they are literally taking on the covering of abomination and neglecting the covering of salvation that has been given to them.

The filthy waters of wickedness are ever available for those who are actively participating in the feast of fools, for them to wash their vomit-covered faces in because they have overindulged themselves in the drunkenness and debauchery that transpires in the feast of fools. However, they cannot be made clean by the filthy waters of wickedness, and their feeble efforts get them nowhere. The only way for anyone who has been participating in the feast of fools to be made clean is through My Son Jesus. If any participant in the feast of fools will cry out in conviction and repent, they will be sobered and made clean by His presence and the blood of Jesus.

Those who have deviated from the straight and narrow way of Jesus to go into the broad way of fools oftentimes will not repent and return, because they have grown so accustomed to the world. They are addicted to the feast of fools and cringe at the thought of forsaking the same. These are the ones who will declare that the way of Jesus is too hard and that they will not have any fun if they return to His way.

Such summations as they make are reflecting the deceptions that they have given themselves to in order to partake continually of the feast of fools and imagine that they are satisfied in the same. Consider, how could anyone be satisfied with the concoctions of death that are served in the feast of fools unless they have been blinded by the god of this world?

Even at that, they find that the so-called satisfaction does not remain and that they will become exceedingly more disgusting in their behaviors in their efforts for the fulfillment of the lusts of their flesh. Reality is that the lusts of the flesh are totally in connection with the devil, and those who partake of the feast of fools will find themselves in the depths of iniquity with no way out.

The best way to prevent such a horrid lifestyle that is really a death style is to refuse to enter into the same when you receive the invitation to the feast of fools. There are endless multitudes who are in hell and got there by their blind acceptance of the invitation to the feast of fools. Be aware that the invitation will flatter and appeal to the lustful side of the fools who will be deceived by the words of deception.

As My people stand strong against all of the tactics of those who are using the means of the feast of fools to lure in souls, they will likewise be able to warn others of the same. I do not want you to be involved in the feast of fools in the sense of partaking of the same. My intention is that you who are My united believers would not be ashamed to be in alliance with My Spirit and warn others of the demonically inspired intentions of those who are inviting all who are foolish enough to accept such an invitation and go in the same.

As My people, you are indeed counted as accountable to issue the warnings, that those who are foolish would be given fair warning of the demonic plans to devour and destroy souls. When you are paying heed to Me, so will you see that you are not alone, for the Holy Spirit will warn of demonic powers!