Standard Bearers

I speak unto you this day and I say: When you see the evil that is stalking the land, do not be afraid. I do not intend that you would live each day in the fear or dread that comes when the wicked are in rule. I desire for you to arise each day rejoicing in Me, for I am the One you are meant to serve with gladness and rejoicing, for I am your Master and Lord.

The evil forces that are present in these times are stalking certain people as their targets, wanting to destroy and devastate them because of their anger towards them. Those wicked spirits are sent on special stalking assignments, targeting those who are standing true to Me. Their purpose is wickedness and, of course, destruction to the ones who are choosing to live and abide in the power of My presence each day.

The goal of those who are under the control of the devil is to stalk, hunt down, and frame those who adhere to Me. The devil hates those united believers who are in alliance with Me and each other. This is because they are the standard bearers who will not bow to the evil agenda of these times.

Because of their willingness to remain standing in Me, they are continually mistreated and verbally abused. The evil stalkers are continuing in their campaign of character assassination against them, as though they are great threats to the national and international security. All the while, the fuss that they make over the ones maintaining their integrity in Me is because they know that those who remain true to Me are backed by Me and honored by Me.

So, while these fools are attempting to destroy by terrorizing the united believers who remain bearing My standard, they will be terrorized themselves, for I shall cause it to be so.

Therefore, do not fall prey to such predators when they would attempt to stalk you with their evil intentions and wicked schemes. You are not meant to be overwhelmed by them. Rather, you are meant to keep trusting Me and remaining valiant for the truth, regardless of how much pressure they attempt to put upon you.

As My united believers, you are standard bearers who are doing as I desire and require, and by such you are able to endure much more than you can even imagine. It has been and is for Me and My kingdom that you are to keep on pushing onward despite any pressures that would rise up against you.

The power that is found in Me is far greater than any power of darkness, and the more that you are in alliance with Me, the more that you will be ever uplifted and brought forth in the new life which is everlasting, eternal, and ever present to those who keep their faith in Me.

It is indeed a great blessing to be called to be a standard bearer, for you are in the vanguard of those who are believers, and by such a position much mercy is given to you each day. Therefore, keep steadily believing and trusting in the power that is omnipresent in Me, for as you do, you will find that the enemies’ claws are forced to release any part of you that they have grabbed hold of.

When I the Living God do chose people to be in the advance guard or leadership of any movement regarding My kingdom, it is a great privilege that they are called unto. Therefore, do not be sad; be glad that it is Me that you can be looking unto with rejoicing every day. The more that you are purposed for My purpose and plan, the more that you will find that I do not leave you nor forsake you, despite the enemies’ assaults against you.

Because I am the I AM, I know all and I know what pressures, persecutions and prosecutions are put against My people in their innocence. Therefore, I am not swayed to believe slander against My people by those who are stalking them under the devil’s orders. Reality is that his agenda has always been to accuse, abuse, misuse, and seek to kill My people. His aspiration and his dedication is to steal, kill and destroy.

Be serving each day in the attitude of gratitude because through Me you have been given the opportunity to continue steadfast in the way that is glorious, the way that is wondrous, and the way that is beautiful. As you are continuing in that way, you will be ever thankful that it is Me you can look to and believe, for I am the One True God who cares for My own.

As the standard bearers in this wicked, perverse and vile generation, do not take it personally what the workers of evil do against you. Realize that they hated Me, My Son and My Spirit before you were ever born. Likewise, they have hated generations of united believers who remained true to Me even unto death. Therefore, know that it is Me the Living God who does punish severely those who want to see My people destroyed and devastated.

Be thankful that you can continue in confidence, knowing of a surety that through Me you are enabled to keep My standard, to bear My standard, and be forerunners of My intentions for these times. You are given through My Spirit the power to call others to join in and to take a stand against the absolute wickedness of these times and to remain faithful until the end of their mission on this sin-cursed earth.

Let it be Me that you give the thanks, the attention and the glory unto, for you will be guided by My Spirit in the way that I have intended and desire for you to walk in and declare. Do not be taken down by the ugliness of these times. Rather, be rejoicing that you are standard bearers!